Use XML Sitemaps and RSS/Atom Feeds for Better Crawling

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Are you enthusiastic towards making your business reach the “Numero Uno” position? If you want to bring about the dynamism and change in your business then it is high time to pay heed to what Google says. Google has launched slew of practices that would technically place you on a level playing field to play gimmick with the search crawlers, enchant them, say to your fella competitors that I am at the top. Don’t be appalled, it’s doable only if you keep certain basics at the back of your head while going for XML site maps and RSS/Atom feeds.

How to keep that approach? Let’s watch it through Google’s eye!

If you are using content to promote your business then you must have a holistic idea of the fields that you must list on your site maps.

How to get a grasp of it when we are blogging? To pave the way for this dauntless challenge, let’s see how we can keep our approach upbeat and upfront. As XML site maps contain more information, they are technically larger than RSS/Atom. Being a website owner, you must understand which options looks more viable. While XML site maps provide holistic information about the website, RSS provides just the recently added content. So, the crux of the story is which one to choose.

XML Sitemap

  • While you are devising your strategy, you must ensure that only the URL is used in the site map. This will pave the way for easy location and Google autobots will be in a better position to intercept you.
  • If you are feeding anything up there on RSS/Atom feed and XML site map make sure that a stipulated modification time is generated for each URL.
  • If you have a long set of sitemaps, then in that case maximize the size of your sitemap. At max, keep 50,000 URL’s capturing 10 MB space and don’t forget to poke Google once the site map gets updated.
  • Make sure that you have not missed any update, so all the updates that Google wants on RSS/ Atom should be there when Google last ran a fact check.

So, it is recommended to use both XML sitemaps and RSS/Atom feeds for better crawling on search engines.

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