Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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Continuous advancement in online marketing has made it easy for an organization to promote its services or products on a platform which is accessible to almost every person. Not just big brands, but even small companies are using latest online marketing tools and strategies to make their services popular and reachable at international level.

Seeing the increasing use of online marketing tools, every business is suggested to mark its online presence through a website. It is not just an easy, yet effective way to promote basic information, but also to get connected with clients.

But a website is useful only if search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are showing it in their top search results. In today’s competitive business world where online marketing has become as essential as other tools, it’s not easy to get noticed over the Internet. There’s always a need of SEO experts to manage the website and make regular changes in it to get benefits.

But how to choose the best Internet Marketer to manage your website when every company dealing in SEO services promises to provide the top search engines results, which is practically unfeasible? Here’re some essential questions that you could ask while considering an SEO company to improve your search engine rankings:

1. Why should we hire you?

It’s a very obvious question to ask that will have some definite answers. They may answer like ‘we are cheaper than others’, ‘we’re the best’ or ‘we always give faster results’. Here, you have to understand the good SEO will never be cheap. If you want favorable results, you will have to invest. Don’t go with someone who advises you to ditch some fine SEO strategies just to cut costs.

2. How will you get us on the first page of Google natural search?

There will always be a serious SEO strategy to improve a website’s search engine ranking. You should ask the potential company to reveal what process they follow to get favorable results. You will get answers, such as ‘We’re going to start with XYZ strategy’ or ‘we will target some keywords to attract people to your website or product’.

"SEO Questions"

3. How will I know about changes you’re going to make?

Your potential SEO Company is going to make some major changes in your current Internet marketing strategies, and it’s their responsibility to keep you updated about new changes. You could ask the company to send a work report or quick updates every day.

4. Can you share the list of your past and current clients?

Before online shopping, you read reviews about a product you are going to purchase. Buying services of an SEO firm is similar to online shopping. You must be aware of customers who have used or have been using services of the company. The company will not give you the entire list of clients, but it should not hesitate to share detail of two or three clients.

5. Do you follow latest Google practices?

Being one of the leading search engine giants, Google keeps on updating its SEO strategies and algorithm. There are high chances that one strategy which is effective today will bring no good results tomorrow. A good SEO company stays updated with latest Google algorithm and applies them in bringing good results.

6. What tools do you use for SEO work?

To ensure that your campaign is on the right track, it is necessary to know if all the right tools and sources are being used. You should do some basic technical SEO audit before hiring a company.

7. What practices will you follow for SEO work?

It is important for you to know what type of SEO practices the company is going to follow. You could ask the service provider to unveil strategies on Technical SEO, Off-page and On-page SEO. It may tell you about aspects working behind search engine spiders’ work to crawl your website. In addition, you will also come to know about inbound links on your website and how content can be optimized for relevant keywords.

8. Are you sure our website will be at the top in rankings?

Even the connoisseur in the arena or Google itself cannot guarantee you rank #1 in search results. If the SEO salesmen are just trying to get one more customer, they will promise and guarantee top results. You will have to remember that no one can understand Google algorithm completely, which means there’s no guarantee of success every time.

9. How should we make the payment?

Different SEO service providers may follow different payment methods. Some companies charge depending on a project, while others take money on hourly basis. Before finalizing the deal, you must ask about the payment structure. It is important that the service provider uses a secure payment gateway.

10. How Does Your Firm Measure Its Own Success?

A service provider who measures his success in the happiness or satisfaction rate of the client is surely delivering happiness but not the SEO service. So reject the service provider who says we’re successful if our clients are happy. Success should be gauged on the basis of client’s success, not satisfaction. If the previous clients have improved their ranking, which is the core aim of SEO, the SEO provider is successful. There’s no second thought about it.

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