SEO To Become A Determining Force In Internet Marketing

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SEO To Become A Determining Force In Internet Marketing

Internet is poised to prepare itself into a new battle ground with SEO trending even larger than ever. With the spurt in internet marketing, the marketing roulette is all set to witness a new swing in the coming four to five years. As per the study conducted by a group of marketers,” in the coming five years, SEO’s contribution to internet marketing will be astonishing. It would comprise of 52% of money spent alone for marketing. Critical! Isn’t it? Seeing the sprouting numbers of netizens that are increasing day by day, SEO is believed to make all other marketing strategies obsolete in the coming decade”. The findings of this flagship survey unveils some completely mindboggling facts that says that one in every $10 that is spent on internet marketing will go to SEO.

So, what could be the possible scenario in near future is SEO would be capable of generating a colossal funding that would not just revolutionalise the way that marketing is taking place rather it will turn out to be a money making proposition for the future business aspirants. As per the findings, it is anticipated that SEO will turn out to be the greatest investment that internet marketing can come across in the coming few years. Many organization are on the verge of upping –the-ante by wielding the influence of SEO, taking it as a mainstream marketing campaign.

Corey Elliot, research director of the pioneering survey was quoted while saying that,” Local search has become one force contributing to the 657% increase in application development, 446% growth of online video production, and 610% growth in mobile media management.” The influence of online marketing is rife and what fortunes it can wield in near future will be something to watch out for.

The researcher further added that,” creating a Web presence, online marketing support, online ad production, online publishing relations, online consulting and research will take $708 billion”.

The influence of SEO is not hidden from the common eye, it is has become a developmental model for growth of many businesses. Facing the ubiquitous competition prevailing in “laissez faire “, it has turned out to be a primary marketing tool to portray the one up-man-ship in the internet marketing arena. With 91% of the users resorting to online search for purchasing a product, it would not be a mistake to call SEO marketing the mother of all battles on the internet.

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