Some SEO Myths That Need To Be Busted

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SEO Myths

Googlelonomics —the word looks naïve, isn’t it, but the reason that I am using this word is because Google is smart, so you can’t fool it by playing smart. You have myths, its 22nd century my friend—technology is riding on a pillion and so does Google, so you need to apply that critical scientific temper that is so far hiding at some corner of your SEO strategy. You must know that SEO is about continuous rigorous effort. You cannot just sow the seeds and enjoy the fruits; you need to water it for getting those fruits forever. SEO sails in the same boat. So, you need to keep away from some myths that you have so far cultivated and that has been the reason for your ignominious performance, you’re bad my benign folk! So, here are some myths that need to be busted, get over them before they get over you. You know why your rankings have plummeted, here is the reason why?

  • All these while you were like Oh! My God my title is unique, so I will stand distinct in the race. Keep this myth at bay, it won’t help you long. There are many platforms that don’t consider your meta-descriptions. Though it is not like they don’t help at all, but you can’t solely bank on them for staying at the top.
  • Shed the thinking that making your website promulgate on the social platform will help you enjoy the “numero uno” slot longer. Rather, think differently, think how Googlelonomics wants. So, you need the right mix to attract those Google bots so that they dance on your tune. Merely sticking to Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn is not enough, carve a different way around for your business promotion.
  • Buying ads help me improve my ranking. Technically, I would say you are a moron to have believed this all this while. Rather effective and informative content will certainly help you get the maximum organic ranking.
  • Try to be precise while writing the content; it is the key to stay at the top. Don’t beat around in the bush. So, rather than imposing, try captivating. Your content should not be what you want to impose, rather, what the viewers or searchers are looking for. If you write as per the users need, it’s a given that algorithms will filter your content and reward you with organic rankings.
  • SEO is not the only ladder to climb to the top; you have to rely on other tools as well for reaching to the top spot and staying there.

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