Pay Per Click Management Services

We, at Cyber Flavors constantly aim to squeeze the maximum out of your PPC dollar. All our professionals are Google AdWords Certified and manage your PPC campaign for outstanding ROI. The pay per click is one of the preferred advertising methods on the internet. This is because a pay per click campaign determines exactly who should visit your website, in other words it lets your website most selectively reach out to the target audiences. Here, you only have to pay for the clicks to your site, based on your web visitor’s source. If a person only sees your link but does not click on it, then you do not have to pay, and it is counted as an impression, not a click.


A tracking system will alert you on what kind of visitors you are receiving on your site. This will let you plan ahead and prepare better content that will attract your target audience, and increase your popularity on the web. This will increase the number of visitors to your site and help you convert casual visitors into potential customers, who will visit your site again. This will automatically have a very positive effect on the revenue you generate, which is our main aim.

Our Pay Per Click Management services include:

  • Google AdWords Development: This means that you can dictate where your ads will appear. It needs expertise to handle those accounts and make money out of it. We aim to maximize the revenue from your PPC account so that the right people can visit your website.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing is a way to delicately market your products or services to those who visited your website buy did not buy anything. There is no harm to remind your visitors about your products/services as you never know how many of them could actually turn out to be your customers.
  • AdCenter Management: You can reap a good return on investments through adCenter Management on Bing or Yahoo. We ensure proper management of your campaigns on these search engines.
  • Landing Page Design and Optimization: This refers to the web design of your website where you are sending your customers through the Pay Per Click scheme. This required some creativity, intelligence and skills to hold the attention of the visitors. We provide the Landing page design services so that your visitor after visiting your page does not go away.
  • Display Advertising: From a plethora of options available for display advertising in the form of banners, We carefully choose the one that best suits your business requirements and that could invite good amount of targeted traffic on your website.
  • Facebook Advertising: Facebook is a great way to advertise and get footfall. If not done properly, it may not generate desired results.
  • LinkedIn Advertising: This is often underestimated however for the right client and business need, this can be utilized to the maximum to reap best possible results.

Pay Per Click management helps your business grow leaps and bounds. Yes, metrics do say more than words. Here are the words; the metrics will follow once we embark on our services for your website. PPC is all about enhancing your website’s performance and here’s how we give an extra touch:

  • Landing page testing
  • Increase keyword relevance all through the website
  • Keyword choosing and match types
  • Testing Multiple-Ad Copy
  • Full Audit

At Cyber Flavors, we carry out a complete audit to investigate:

  • Existing Marketing Campaign Structure
  • Ad copy
  • General Campaign Settings
  • Extensions

It is important to draw in quality visitors, rather than increasing the numbers alone. For this, one needs to understand the needs of the potential customers. The visitors who arrive at your website should find easily what they are looking for. We provide a quality adwords service that will bring in a higher number of hits, and conversion rate will tell you how many visitors have been converted to customers.


What makes our PPC Campaign a Hit?

  • Targeted Keywords: Wrong selection of the keywords can contribute drastically to the failure of the PPC campaign. We ensure the right selection of the targeted keywords by undertaking competitive analysis & price comparison to find the profitable niche
  • Quality Score: Many service providers often overlook the Quality score criteria and in return pay the price for that. Quality score directly impacts the amount you spend per click on your keywords. We always take Quality score seriously to avoid extra expenditure and thus ensuring impressive ROI.
  • Ad Copy: Ad copy forms an important part of the PPC Campaign. If an Ad copy is not relevant, catchy and appealing, your expenditure goes up. An effective Ad copy includes market positioning, vision and understanding of the competitive landscape.
  • Bidding Strategy: We believe in employing a strategic bidding strategy that saves you money and gives you the best chance at a positive ROI.
  • Landing Page: The most vital thing is the Landing page design and its relevance to the originating Ad message. You will not be able to convert well if your landing page does not match the offer in your Ad. Landing page elements like Title, Picture, Forms, Logos, etc must be continuously adjusted and tested.

With proven success in PPC, we will increase your revenue and customer base using geo-targeted PPC.

The best strategy is to run a few campaigns alongside for a brief period of time. The process involves certain standard steps, like setting up an account, feeding the necessary key words and phrases, evaluating the search results within a given period of time, adjusting keywords for maximum efficiency. Most pay per click companies also let you bid for the top position, where the bidding can be very competitive.



  • Why do you need a PPC Campaign?
    The pay per click is a very effective tool in making your website popular in quick time. Also a research has shown that once a customer makes a purchase on your site, he or she is likely to return again if the service is good enough. The campaign can be done by yourself or by a professional, it is however recommended that you use the service of a professional if this is your first time.We help you understand the process through each and every step, and help you get the best services within your means. Our customer-friendly professionals provide the best services, and work closely with the clients to understand the clients’ needs to be able to provide appropriate services.
  • Where will your ads appear?
    Your ads will appear wherever your target market is. We will employ all the tools that are necessary to make your product available to the target segment. That can be Google and other sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • How much does it cost per click?
    The cost per click is decided based on various factors that include:

    • Current ad campaign state
    • Total number of competitors that bid for a particular keyword
    • Ad position in the Search result
    • The significance of the Ad to the keyword and its quality
    • The Ad display and click ratio
  • I heard that PPC advertising is expensive. How much does a campaign cost?
    You can either set a maximum budget for a specified period or a maximum or average cost per click. Be wary of setting your budget too low though, as you might not see the results you need.
  • What is Google Quality Score?
    Google Quality Score is a variable that determines which ads it will show above the organic results. A high score can actually make ads to jump places and acquire a more prominent position. This is a big influencer on the Cost per Click on ads and the rank.
  • Why is Number 1 in Google not always the best?
    It has been realized that the top position in Google ads don’t really have a high conversion rate as compared to those on the 3rd or the 4th position. It is always better to have fewer clicks with a higher conversion rate than more clicks and a lower conversion rate.
  • What is Google Impression Share?
    Impression share refers to the percentage of the number of times an advertisement was shown for a keyword compared to the number of searches in any given time period. Impression share is based on your current ads’ targeting settings, approval statuses, bids, and Quality Scores. Data is available at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels.
  • Does running a PPC account help with your natural listings in Google?
    Running a PPC account will not really help the natural listings but it will help generate the keywords to target for SEO. This gives your site more space when the natural listing is achieved. It will help your site list faster if the ads are posted in all the right places.