Off-Page SEO: Effective Strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

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SEO, or Search engine optimization, is a modern way to promote a brand’s website and its services online to global customers. SEO strategy can be divided into two categories: On-page SEO and off-page SEO.

What’s off-page SEO? How It Different From On-page SEO?
Off-page SEO is a strategy where content and website links of company are used in a manner that services could be promoted and the website gets more and more online traffic. In the on-page SEO, content on the website is used in a way that improvement could be made in search engine rankings. On the other side, other online sources like links are used in off-page SEO to get traffic on the website. The off-page SEO strategies result in increase in positive brand mentions, search engine rankings and traffic on the website.

Why Off-page SEO Is Important?

Although the on-page SEO brings direct traffic to the website and improves search engine rakings, off-page SEO has a vital role in search engine optimization which makes it a necessary part of the strategy. The major objective of off-page SEO is to receive positive review for a brand’s website and increase positive interaction for the brand.

But there are various off-page SEO strategies that should be used the right way to make the most of SEO. These strategies fall under three major SEO parts: Brand, Audience and Content.

1. Brand: It is essential to make and represent a product in an interesting way. The off-page SEO strategies that fall under brand sector are:

I. High-quality Product, Services

The SEO part of a website or brand becomes easy when it has an impressive appearance or it show its high-quality from the very beginning. When people, online of offline, come to know about such a product, they talk about it. Concerns of customers should be taken care of in case of existing products, and benefits of new products should be provided to potential audience online.

II. Customer Service

There is no need to write about the consequences of poor customer services and how it can damage a brand, as everyone knows about them. Customer service should be available to every customer, and there should be spokespeople stay in contact with online as well as offline customers to handle their product-related queries.

III. Close Eye On Intent Of Online Users

To grab attention of an online user, it is necessary to make them aware of a product and its benefits over its counterparts. In addition, it is also important to understand the requirement of customers from a product. This could be done by staying in contact with online users, talking to them and taking part in online discussion threads.

2. Audience: The easiest trick to understand the customers’ requirements is interacting with them. To make people interested in a brand, the off-SEO strategy must have:

IV. Responsive Presence Over Social Media

In addition to search engines, online users visit social media to learn more about their requirements and solutions for them. So, it is necessary to make social media a part of off-SEO strategy. To make the most of social media, there’s a need to stay active on different social media platforms and interact with online visitors. In addition, if someone has a query related to a brand or its services, it should be resolved as soon as possible.

V. Stay In Touch With Social Media Users

Various social media platforms help in getting traffic for a website. This traffic can further lead to clients for a company. Social media can help a company in getting clients for a long time and build long-term relationship with them. To make the most of off-page SEO, it is essential to stay in touch with clients and contact them whenever they require the services.

VI. Active Participation On Forums, Comment Blogs And Discussion Boards

The Internet has lots of online forums and blogs where several users across the globe participate and discuss various topics. By participating in such forms and blogging websites, a company can broaden their customer base. But the comments should be made on relevant topics and only the potential audience should be targeted.

VII. Say No To Guest Blogging

The strategy may surprise many, but guest blogging for links is a time-consuming process. This trick could be used when it is about impressing top publishers or influencers online. Instead of working on special guest posts for links, comments on famous blogs should be left. But it is necessary to ensure that the links are matching the publisher.

3. Content

Content is king in all kind of promotional strategies. When people are asked to think of content, they visualize text, images and videos. But in reality, it gives overall experience of a brand. Here’s what could be done with content in case of off-page SEO:

VIII. Work On Different Content Types

Don’t hesitate to do experiments with content. In addition to text, videos and images serve many benefits to promote a brand. In this case, videos should be posted on sites like YouTube, and events should be shared through Facebook Live. Other platforms like Imgur, Flickr and Snapchat can be used to post images and videos related to the brand.

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