9 Easy Steps for Mobile SEO Success in 2017

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Social marketing has been taking steps forward continuously to make SEO tool more useful, but ‘what is the best mobile strategy’ is still a mystery. Although the question is puzzling many SEO experts and tech enthusiasts, one thing is sure that the mobile web will keep on contributing in social marketing.

Seeing the increasing demand of latest smartphones across the globe, a report has predicted that more than 3.5 billion smartphones will be shipped worldwide by 2020. Search engine giant Google has also disclosed that more mobile users in developed nations have been using Google through their phones. How search marketers can use this mobile web boom to get benefits? Here are nine things that they should remember:

1. Stay updated with latest Google methods on mobile search

The search engine giant has many web crawling bots that it uses to find updated pages that could be added to the Google index. They are: Googlebot, Googlebot Video, Googlebot News and Googlebot Images.

2. Keep on checking how Google’s new update may impact mobile websites

In 2015, when Google disclosed a new rankings report, a number of websites experienced the impact. In just 30 days after the announcement, more than one-third of mobile rankings were lost. Some of the websites experienced a direct impact, while the others were impacted indirectly.

3. Ensure you have a mobile-friendly website

As the number of mobile users have been increasing drastically, it is necessary to design websites that could be operated through smartphones. It’s now almost a necessity to have a responsive website for any business.

4. SEO for search through smartphone

SEO plays a vital role to make search experience smooth on smartphones. Implementing few SEO checks such as quick page loading time, easy crawlability by Google, etc. can make enhance overall viewing experience.

5. Add ‘view desktop version’ on the mobile website

Add this link ‘View Desktop Version’ on your mobile website to make sure that the user is allowed to see the website in both versions.

Mobile SEO

6. Make sure the content is regularly updated

To ensure that the content on your mobile website is up to date, one should check it on regular intervals. The outdated content is a big turn off for the viewers.

7. Content accessibility

A mobile website should be easily accessible by the readers. Ensure that the content, any links, or images on the mobile website are easily scannable. No fun of making a website which the user can’t access.

8. Add links to authenticate the content

A website where the content has active links adds to the authenticity of the content. It’s always a good thing if a user can find the detailed information about something clicking on that link.

9. Adequate white spacing

It is very important to ensure the visibility of the mobile website. While designing the website, one should make sure that there is proper white spacing between the content as it increases the scan ability of the content.

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