Small Business SEO Services : Local Search Marketing

If you’re tired of the same old ways to promote your new and thriving business and want to look beyond the formal realm of possibilities, then local SEO is the way to go. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a new and specialized form of online promotion that works towards increasing the visibility of the business; this involves ranking the results of the local search engine when searched upon making the geographical location of a particular company higher. A combination of algorithms is used to achieve these rankings.

What Kind Of Businesses Need Local SEO?


If you are a company that generates customers or has the potential or possibility of generating customers from the local area, then it is best suited for you to consider local SEO as an option. If you are a local doctor, lawyer, restaurant owner, shopping store owner, departmental store owner, supermarket owner or any other business person, then you can benefit from local SEO services. All you need is the presence of a physical address and Cyber flavors will guide you through the process.

How is Local SEO different from National SEO?

A lot of the elements of the National SEO and the local SEO are similar and impact the other. These are like links, social networks, indexing, on page factors etc., however, they are few factors which are limited to the local SEO.

  • To Create And Claim A Profile : The first requirement for a local SEO, which in fact is the most important, is that for local SEO, there is a need for you to create and claim a profile (local) on Google or any other platform, if you wish. Cyber flavors will help you do this. This local listing is the location that will usually be shown in any sort of localized results of a search.
  • Local SEO

  • Citation: A citation is a place online that uses the name, phone number, address of your company, on the same page and in the very same format as the local listing you put. It is prudent to use the same format as the listing to avoid any problems in citation.
  • Reviews

    Reviews: The more reviews you have for your listing, the greater the credibility it posses. The quality of reviews that are provided for your organization on Google is of utmost importance to guarantee success. .

These three factors help immensely in boosting your local SEO ranking. Positive reviews sometimes trump citations also, so persuading and encouraging all your customers as well as clients to put good reviews on the Google local page of your company is in the best interest of your company. Cyber Flavors will help you getting good local search engine rankings by employing an effective campaign altogether.

Google+ Local for Businesses



Google+ Local is a platform where you can discover and share places. It gives you an insight into businesses before you visit and also lets you read summaries of user reviews so as to decide where to go. Google+ Local lets you:

  • Read recommendations based on your circles and your location.
  • Publish reviews and photos that you’ve visited.
  • Browse and visit the local Google+ page for a business to see reviews, photos, posts, etc.


Google+ Local, being a platform for local businesses get connected to the users, helps you showcase your business within your circles and update them as soon as you make any changes. When you update pictures, posts or basically your Google+ page, it is visible to all the members of your circle. They can see it and post their reviews about your business. They can also recommend your business to their respective circles. This helps you connect to your potential clients and give a boost to your business.

The Graphic below described our Local SEO campaign:

Local SEO campaign
  • Set a Baseline and Goals
  • Claim Your Local Listings
  • Localize Website Content
  • SSubmit To Data Aggregators
  • De-Dup Listings
  • Build Links & Citations
  • Obtain Reviews
  • Checkpoint Health & Progress

Local SEO FAQs

  • My company doesn’t have a website. Can we succeed with local SEO?

    Yes, of course! If your company has a working phone number and geographical address in a city or town, local search engines will accept that. The only drawback of not having a website is putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage when the SEO leads to your company in the search results.

  • How long will it take to see results?

    The competition of this process varies from time to time. Some results can be viewed very quickly but some take time. The average results of the efforts of the Local SEO can be seen within couple of months. However, it may sometimes take up to three months.

  • Who owns the local business listing?

    The local business listing is the property of the company at all times.

  • Will the on-page recommendations help me with organic SEO?

    Although specially designed to work with local search engines, on page recommendations do help to some degree with organic SEO.

  • Can you implement your on-page recommendations on our site?

    Yes we can implement all on-page recommendations on your website at a minimal cost.

  • My website doesn’t even come up in searches for my company name. Will Local SEO fix this?

    In most cases, it’s a yes. The uniqueness of a company’s name is very important for this. If you have a unique name, then Local SEO can easily fix this. However, it is difficult for companies with very generic names.

  • Why is it Important to Claim My Local Business Listings?

    Claiming your local business listing has importance for branding. It gives you freedom to control the content of your listing. It improves ranks in search results or prevents any sort of ‘hijacking’ of data. Most importantly, it gives you access to traffic reports from the engine.