How To Improve your Alexa Ranking In A Month

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Does ‘Alexa Ranking’ really matter while showing potential of a website? If you’re aware of its importance, you will definitely say ‘yes’. An individual who has knowledge about the Alexa Rank tool knows how it helps in showing popularity of your website relative to others.

For a brand’s popularity on the Internet, it is essential to have a solid Alexa Ranking. It is good to have lower Alexa Rank for your business. It not just calculates your business current health, but also tells your potential clients about the state of your business. This is the reason many businesses around the world are focused on improving their Alexa Rank.


Some people have a hunch that improving Alexa Ranking is a long-way process which takes a long time to get satisfactory results, but the truth is that if you are aware of right strategies and tricks, you will be able to see impeccable results in just 30 days.

Here’re some things that you should know to improve your website’s Alexa ranking quickly:

  • Invest in Alexa’s Certified Site Metrics

    As it is about the popularity of your business, do not hesitate to make small investment to get Alexa Certified Code. It comes with a number of benefits, such as accurate Alexa Rank, information on website’s performance and traffic on it.

  • Create error-free, genuine and informative content

    Content is going to make a big difference when it is about engaging potential clients, so it is necessary to create useful and easy-to-read content. It will not just connect users with the company, but also helps in improving Alexa ranking.

  • Ensure you’re getting quality inbound links

    When Google takes into account components related to its ranking algorithm, Domain trust/authority gets the biggest share. To achieve this, you must ensure that the backlinks your website is getting are of high quality. It means they should be belonging to trustworthy websites.

  • Keep a close eye on keywords your successful competitors are using

    There’s no harm in learning some new, effective strategies from your competitors. Combine your unique approaches to improve Alexa ranking with primary competitors’ keyword strategies to outperform the competition.

    You should use Keyword Planner of Google to track keywords your successful competitors are using.

  • Follow right SEO practices

    Although SEO needs your special attention and time, it produces great results. It makes your website better and improves its Alexa Ranking. To ensure that it is working in your favor, you must use the latest and the best SEO practices.

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