A Guide To 5 Email Marketing Platforms

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In the midst of social media noise and chaos, what gives us a moment of solitude is a pop-up message that says “you’ve got mail!”. So finally we hear from someone and the world is not liking, sharing or commenting on it. Be it Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (which is also gradually going social) and many other online platforms that share what you do, read or even shop, a mailbox is still purely yours to own and benefit from.

So when we talk business, an email is still, by far, the most reliable and impactful marketing strategy than any noisy social media marketing campaign around. You not only get in touch with your present and prospective clients one-on-one, you also get a lot of freedom to personalize, share and impress.
So hoping that a manual email marketing campaign isn’t on your mind, we created this list of 5 best email marketing platforms around that can take away the pain of reaching out.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool that has taken the test of time. With varied and multiple features like creating and managing email marketing campaigns, MailChimp also provides tracking and analytics. It is feature packed with automation and flexibility and by and large, the favourite among many leading marketers.

2. iContact

No, this isn’t one of those Apple gadgets, but a versatile email marketing tool that lets you run email campaigns more effectively. With features such as email newsletters automation, predefined templates, live setup help and support, integrations with third party apps and scheduling among various others, this email marketing tool also provides a well established social media and email scheduling feature, online surveys and much more.

Your emails are less likely to end up in spam when you are using this advanced marketing tool and that’s a brownie point.

3. AWeber

For pleasing templates and surprising segmentation features, AWeber is a hot favourite among many email marketers. Although a completely desktop oriented platform and less mobile friendly, AWeber has gained a lot of admiration for its innovative and sophisticated features that it bestows. Features such as email templates, email tracking and analytics, auto-responders, live phone, chat and email support and tutorials make this platform much loved among users.

4. GetResponse

For the novice email marketers, GetResponse is the best bet with easy to use features, designed keeping beginners in mind. However, its simplistic design approach does nothing to alienate it from being technically rich and well equipped. From email scheduling and automation to generating and running campaigns, creating groups and segments to tracking and using auto-responders- GetResponse does its best to get your vehicle rolling.


Some good things cannot be missed out, no matter how short the list is. Emma is the perfect example of a competent email marketing platform because it is designed keeping customer behavior in mind. For all those who prefer a personalized marketing strategy, Emma is the best tool to hang around with. Emma lets you create customized marketing campaigns for your business prospects and track the response in the most dynamic, multi-dimensional way. From precise reports and mailing scores to click mapping- Emma is surely the boss around.

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