Google My Business For Local SEO: Common Yet Important Questions And Their Answers

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In the modern world, the Internet has becomes a vital part of everyone’s life. Many today do shopping online and get what they want at their doorsteps. They look for online shops, restaurants and service providers of various other fields in the neighborhood. When it is about finding detailed information on a dealer online and near them, most of the online users depend on search engines. According to tech giant Google, people search online about the service provider’s working hours, phone number and clients’ reviews.

According to a Google research, online users trust those dealers in the neighborhood who has complete information online and detailed information about their services. This has made many service providers to get their business listed on online directories and Google My Business (GMB). It not just connects them with potential customers, but also allows them to appear quickly on local search results on search engines. Due to the rising need of GMB to lure local customers, SEO service providers have started considering GMB listing a priority of their online marketing strategies. But SEO has lots of questions for GMB, which are needed to be answered.

Question 1: Who is Google Top Contributor and how they are related to Google?
Answer: A Google Top Contributor can be defined as an experienced professional in digital marketing who has detailed knowledge about Google products’ ins and outs. The professional takes part in Google Product Forums and respond to questions posted over there. Those who want to be Google Top Contributor have to spend time on forums and take part in forum conversation. Google keeps a close eye on people making contribution on forums.

In the beginning, a Google Top Contributor has to spend time in searching questions they can answer. With the time and active participation makes an individual ‘Rising Star’. An expert on these forums is invited for Google meetings.

Question 2: Is it necessary to create a Gmail account for new GMB account?
Answer: It is a good method to apply if the customer wants to have GMB page and makes the service provider its manager. But if the customer isn’t interested in claiming GMB listing, there are three things to consider:

  • It is necessary to consult the client regarding the GMB listing and ask for permission to claim it for them.
  • No need to make a Gmail account. Instead, the service provider can use domain email address of the client as primary address.
  • The service provider should not use their phone number while creating GMB account for their client. Here, only the client’s information should be shared. This makes easy for the client to get control of their listing when they move to another service provider.

Question 3: I have a restaurant as a client and they’ve recently updated their menu. We noticed that there’s an outdated menu on their Google My Business Page. How did it get there and how can I fix this?
Answer: It could be due to scraped menu information from, an online platform that allows restaurants to display their menu on various search engines. The menu could be removed from Google My Business listing by contacting Single Platform and asking it to remove it. After that, owner of GMB should ask Google My Business support to remove the outdated menu.

Question 4: A former employee verified my client’s Google My Business listing and we don’t know what email address they used. What should I do?
Answer: Many service providers experience this problem, but it has a very simple solution. As GMB listing has a verified owner, the authorized owner can get the control back. Here’s what to do:

  • Visit Google My Business
  • Use Google account for sign in. Here account that may have been used for listing could be written.
  • Look for business name and address. If it’s there, select the listing. After that, the right option should be chosen. The options could be: Different email address and request access from the current listing owner.

Question 5: There are fake reviews about my business on my Google My Business listing. Can I get them removed?
Answer: Google allows customers to share their experience with a business in the form of reviews. When customers aren’t happy with the services they have been given, they post negative review about a company. Some of those reviews many be fake, but they are difficult to remove.

To help businesses, Google gives ‘mark the flag’ option that a business can use to tell Google that the reviewer has violated the review policy of search engine. However, this will not remove the negative review.

Question 6: What is the right way to contact Google My Business Support?
Answer: There are numerous ways to reach GMB support, but the best is via phone support (1-844-491-9665) or Google My Business on Twitter.

Question 7: Where newbie can get information about Google My Business?
Answer: Google’s GMB Guide is the perfect place to start with. Here, one can learn about optimizing Google My Business Listing. Apart from that, a beginner can also Search Engine Land’s Local category for more information.

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