Google Adwords About To Launch New Initiative For Call Forward In November 2014

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Google Adwords

Google is pitching to make an unprecedented mark on the adwords campaigning by introducing local number call forwarding feature in the coming month of November, 2014.

Now, it will be interesting to see what effect this feature will wield on the campaign strategies of innumerable businesses that are resorting to online advertisement.

It will pave the way for efficient and hassle free communication for the business houses. They would be able to use local numbers for call extensions on their ad. It is one of the pioneering initiatives that would help to use local number for call extensions. With this initiative you will have the opportunity to feature your local business online and this will appeal to the local audience in the best way.

How to set up this feature?

Here’s how you can approach it:

  • Click the Ad extensions tab in AdWords.
  • From the View drop-down, choose Call extensions.
  • Find the call extension you’d like to edit in the table and click the pencil icon next to the extension.
  • The phone number will be listed under “Selected phone numbers.” Click the pencil icon next to the extension to open the “Edit phone number” window.
  • Update your phone number. Google will attempt to provide a local or toll-free forwarding number to match the format of the number you provide (where available).
  • Click Save.

You will be able to have two options when you are availing the call forwarding facility.

  • Toll-free numbers: Forward calls to a toll-free number and by doing this you will be entering that number within the phone number field. Google will generate and show a toll-free Google forwarding number for your call extensions.
  • Local numbers: You can also choose to forward calls to a local number by entering a local number, you can be reached at in the phone number field through this number. Google will then generate a forwarding number for use on your call extensions on the number is fed. The local numbers generated by Google will share the same area code where your business is based. In some instance where that is not available, an area code for your geographic area will be displayed.
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