Facebook Introduces a New Method to Rank Videos in the News Feed

Posted on: February 18th, 2017 by Cyber Flavors No Comments

Facebook has announced a few changes to the way videos appear on your News Feed. Earlier, videos were ranked based on factors such as whether the viewers turned on the sound of the video, or opened it on full screen view. While these factors increased the exposure of the video to more viewers, Facebook has added a new metric to rank the credibility of videos.

Now, ‘Percent Completion’ will help determine the ranking of videos and their appearance on your News Feed. Percent Completion refers to the amount of time one spends in watching a particular video before closing it. Facebook thus believes that a viewer watches a video longer owing to its gripping content thereby implying the need for it to appear in the news feed of other users as well. Also, the longer one watches a video, the higher is the brand awareness and brand metrics lifts for that brand, as implied by Facebook.

This new metric brings attention and importance to the ‘live video broadcasts’ that Facebook has introduced recently. Facebook posted a blog post regarding this that shares, “people spend more than 3x time watching a Facebook Live video on an average compared to other video content”. Since live video content is believed to grab the attention of users for longer duration, you may see more of Live Videos posted by your friends and verified pages and public figures you follow on your News Feed from now on.

Facebook has begun to roll out this new metric in January to some users and will be monitored and rolled out to more users soon.

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