How to Explore New Realms in Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business Promotion

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Content Marketing Strategy

“Content is the king and SEO is the Queen”- With the emergence of knowledge driven promotion, that saying is apt for marketing your business with an iron hand on the internet. However, one thing that is evident for making your marketing stand unique and first-passing-the-post in this ever challenging contest is – information! By information I mean, what you are dealing in, how it can help folks and what is the reputation you hold in the market. While analyzing your website, Google will be looking for relative informative content. So, you would think that you have a home page, category page, about us and contact us page and scheme up page so you are the undisputed in the race. What the heck! Every website now-a-days are towing on those obsolete lines, what’s new you are generating; perhaps you are stuck, isn’t it? Certainly, you might be thinking how to figure out a way around that swing the marketing roulette in the favor of your business.

Here is how you must plan out your content management initiative for making your business website prove its mettle when it comes to adhering to the whims and fancies of Google’s algobots.

Content Marketing Strategy

Home Page: While you are designing your home page, it is imperative that your homepage will strike the core of your business operation. It will look more pitching and attract clients. Don’t write content what Google wants, rather write content what your targeted niche audience needs. Google pays for writing informative search friendly content.

Category page: Under the category page, you must not club multiple services together. Don’t bog it up, rather make it distinct. Dichotomy is always preferred while specifying about service. Keep two different services in a dichotomous structure. If you keep them apart, you have better chances of getting your site ranked meritoriously.

Product pages: Keep each product page separate and create a landing page specifying the functionality and specification of the product. It will certainly give you leverage over your competitors.
About Us & Contact Us: For about us and contact us page, don’t beat around in the bush, keep it to the point mentioning every vital details in the best way.

Schema Markup: If possible create a scheme markup page for your categories to help Google figure them out easily. The less Google has to sweat, the more it is better for your site.

So, if you think that you have done all this and now you can sit around by the side of the Miami Beach with a glass of wine having lavish sun baths and appreciating the scenic views, in the meantime your website is ruling the top spot on search engine result page then you are highly mistaken my friend.

It’s not just about putting the stuffs on the website and the job is done. It is just the beginning, you have to perspire and diligently do your duties to enjoy the top spot on Google search.

So, how to pave the way for such vaulting pursuit! Well, the answer is simple, start thinking like a customer while designing and framing your contents. How to achieve that:

  • Identify Your Customer: While you are planning the content for the services that you provide, in that case, try to figure out the trend that the local customers are following. You can also search your internal search result to find out about the trend. You can design your content strategy based on those findings.
  • Your Competitors: Try to conduct a detailed probe; it will always help you find out the strategies that your competitors are following. This will always put you on a level playing field while planning your content strategy for making your business successful.
  • Keyword trends: If you want to get maximum prominence for your business in local area then you have to think locally. While designing or planning your content strategy make sure that local keywords are carefully thought out.
  • Blog Posting: If you are doing regular blog posting containing relevant information that your customers require then it will always put you in a better position to get maximum organic ranking on any search engine result page.
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