Existence of ‘Long-Term SEO’ and ‘Low SEO Maintenance’ in SEO Industry

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After attending several presentations on SEO and online marketing, meeting different people in the industry, I have come across one simple thing that everyone has a different perception and thoughts but they always land up on the same objective. So who will decide whose perception is the right one?

Well I do not have an answer to that neither anybody else have. If you will ask the definition of SEO from three different people then you should not get amused if each one of them speaks different about SEO. Let’s get straight to the point now and I should throw some light on two phenomenons existing in SEO industry:

Low SEO Maintenance

I will not disagree on the fact that SEO requires more and more money to maintain over time. However I will neither move away from the truth that low SEO maintenance exists in a fruitful manner, if not for many years, then atleast for 6 months to one year. See an individual will be ready to invest more money to maintain the website if he is getting more money from it. Why a person will invest more if he is not receiving ample results from his efforts.

Certainly you want to invest more money to target and maintain newer potential keywords and to generate newer searches which people can start adopting while searching for products or services similar to the ones provided by you. The simple thing to understand is that each individual has different SEO objectives, targets and goals. A person who has a blog on a particular niche for which he has passion to write upon does not need to invest money in PPC or SEO for doing tasks like title tags, sitemap creation, creating links, etc. Instead by posting regular fresh content he will surely be able to show up in the search rankings without thinking of any targeted keywords and employing any SEO strategy.

So people…I would rather say so-called smart people who think that by creating links and doing some black hat they would cheat and enjoy higher rankings surely come to their ultimate fate when they dip badly and get penalized.

The bottom line is that low SEO maintenance exists no matter whether an individual is running a small blog or a corporate running a big e-commerce store.

Long-Term SEO

How will you define long-term SEO…? Is this something in which an individual has to spend continuous money month after month to sustain the existing rankings and to target newer keywords for more dominant search results or is it something which supports the phenomenon – ‘Set it and Forget it’..?

I mentioned this question because I witnessed the same question being asked in one of the presentations which I attended few months back, so thought of sharing that insight with you. I think long-term SEO is for individuals who have certain goal or ambition in their mind. However remember that your goal should not be to have top rankings for your keywords as it will be of no use if your keywords are ranking higher and your traffic is still lesser than a mere blogger who is not spending anything and still getting his article higher on search engines than your website. I will call that sheer wastage of money and awful strategy. Always keep one target in your mind and that is to have increased traffic on your website. The more traffic you will have, the more queries or leads you will gonna generate from your website.

So for me long-term SEO will suit both categories of people. The ones who want to set a particular link strategy having defined goals and targets associated. And the ones who do not have any defined goals, no link strategy, no website audits, no keyword research. So it will not untrue to say that no one size fits all…it’s just the objectives, goals and vision which differ. So stop accusing others of their strategies, stop copying others’ methods…Get set with your own purpose and goal and go ahead to achieve it with dedication and sincerity…!!!

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