A Guide to Get Started With Instagram Ads

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Over the last few years, the increasing presence of businesses promoting their services on social media websites is not ignorable. Instagram, which has been on the success track since its launch in 2010, has lured several advertising enthusiasts in the recent time, and it is even predicted by experts that the photo-sharing platform is going to surpass other social media websites in terms of social media marketing.

Sharing pictures on Instagram is easier than any other social platform. Plus, most of the Instagram users are under 35, which mean there’s more buying power than Facebook and Twitter. In addition to that, developers are making continuous efforts to make Instagram more user-friendly and instill more marketing-friendly features.

According to eMarketer, today is the best time to promote a brand on Instagram, because there are higher chances of tasting success than ever. If you are skilled enough to create engaging visual content on your product, your company is going to have a good time on social media.

"Instagram Ads"
Here are some important steps to follow before and while you start promoting your brand on Instagram:

Step 1: Understand Instagram and Create Business Profile Account

Before getting started, collect and read information on the social media platform. Understand how it works, how you will gain audience, and how to showcase a product to them. Also, ensure that the Instagram account you’re creating is focused on your brand. For this, you can observe the strategy your competitors, who are successful on social media, are following.

Step 2: Reach the Audience

Ensure that people in your network are familiar with your brand, and may help you in promoting it. To ensure that, give authentic look about the company and its products or services.

Step 3: Post Creative, Engaging Content

Content will always be the king, so you must follow solid content strategy to gain attention of potential customers. You can also use products’ pictures or videos to make people familiar with your brand.

Step 4: Link Your Account to Facebook

Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago, and allowed users to connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can use Facebook’s Business Manager to post ads and reach out to the audience.

Step 5: Use Popular, Interesting Hashtags

‘Hashtag’ is one of the best features of Instagram which allows you to get noticed in the crowd. Although you can use 30 hashtags on one post, ensure that you’re using only useful, relevant and interesting hashtags.

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