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How To Improve your Alexa Ranking In A Month

Does ‘Alexa Ranking’ really matter while showing potential of a website? If you’re aware of its importance, you will definitely say ‘yes’. An individual who has knowledge about the Alexa Rank tool knows how it helps in showing popularity of your website relative to others.

For a brand’s popularity on the Internet, it is essential to have a solid Alexa Ranking. It is good to have lower Alexa Rank for your business. It not just calculates your business current health, but also tells your potential clients about the state of your business. This is the reason many businesses around the world are focused on improving their Alexa Rank.


Some people have a hunch that improving Alexa Ranking is a long-way process which takes a long time to get satisfactory results, but the truth is that if you are aware of right strategies and tricks, you will be able to see impeccable results in just 30 days.

Here’re some things that you should know to improve your website’s Alexa ranking quickly:

  • Invest in Alexa’s Certified Site Metrics

    As it is about the popularity of your business, do not hesitate to make small investment to get Alexa Certified Code. It comes with a number of benefits, such as accurate Alexa Rank, information on website’s performance and traffic on it.

  • Create error-free, genuine and informative content

    Content is going to make a big difference when it is about engaging potential clients, so it is necessary to create useful and easy-to-read content. It will not just connect users with the company, but also helps in improving Alexa ranking.

  • Ensure you’re getting quality inbound links

    When Google takes into account components related to its ranking algorithm, Domain trust/authority gets the biggest share. To achieve this, you must ensure that the backlinks your website is getting are of high quality. It means they should be belonging to trustworthy websites.

  • Keep a close eye on keywords your successful competitors are using

    There’s no harm in learning some new, effective strategies from your competitors. Combine your unique approaches to improve Alexa ranking with primary competitors’ keyword strategies to outperform the competition.

    You should use Keyword Planner of Google to track keywords your successful competitors are using.

  • Follow right SEO practices

    Although SEO needs your special attention and time, it produces great results. It makes your website better and improves its Alexa Ranking. To ensure that it is working in your favor, you must use the latest and the best SEO practices.

Some SEO Myths That Need To Be Busted

SEO Myths

Googlelonomics —the word looks naïve, isn’t it, but the reason that I am using this word is because Google is smart, so you can’t fool it by playing smart. You have myths, its 22nd century my friend—technology is riding on a pillion and so does Google, so you need to apply that critical scientific temper that is so far hiding at some corner of your SEO strategy. You must know that SEO is about continuous rigorous effort. You cannot just sow the seeds and enjoy the fruits; you need to water it for getting those fruits forever. SEO sails in the same boat. So, you need to keep away from some myths that you have so far cultivated and that has been the reason for your ignominious performance, you’re bad my benign folk! So, here are some myths that need to be busted, get over them before they get over you. You know why your rankings have plummeted, here is the reason why?

  • All these while you were like Oh! My God my title is unique, so I will stand distinct in the race. Keep this myth at bay, it won’t help you long. There are many platforms that don’t consider your meta-descriptions. Though it is not like they don’t help at all, but you can’t solely bank on them for staying at the top.
  • Shed the thinking that making your website promulgate on the social platform will help you enjoy the “numero uno” slot longer. Rather, think differently, think how Googlelonomics wants. So, you need the right mix to attract those Google bots so that they dance on your tune. Merely sticking to Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn is not enough, carve a different way around for your business promotion.
  • Buying ads help me improve my ranking. Technically, I would say you are a moron to have believed this all this while. Rather effective and informative content will certainly help you get the maximum organic ranking.
  • Try to be precise while writing the content; it is the key to stay at the top. Don’t beat around in the bush. So, rather than imposing, try captivating. Your content should not be what you want to impose, rather, what the viewers or searchers are looking for. If you write as per the users need, it’s a given that algorithms will filter your content and reward you with organic rankings.
  • SEO is not the only ladder to climb to the top; you have to rely on other tools as well for reaching to the top spot and staying there.

Google I/O 2014 – Key Highlights and Takeaways

The three hour developer conference by Google on Wednesday showcased the latest that we can expect from Google over the next year. While there were many expected announcements, most notably the Google wear and Android TV, some were surprises for all.


Android L

The next version of the Android OS, is not going to be based on a dessert name. Android L, which will roll out to users this fall, has a new design language, going by the name Material Design. Its cross compatibility across phones, tablets, smart watches, Chrome OS, and the web is being touted as its biggest feature.

On the performance side, it is promising to bring ‘PC like gaming’ experience to mobile phones and tablets, optimisingoptimizing battery life apart from handling notifications from the lock screen itself.

Android One

A special initiative aimed at bringing low cost devices to developing countries like India.

Android Wear

The platform designed by Google for its wearables will integrate with Android L, apart from others like Android TV. For instance, an app downloaded for the phone will automatically download for the wearable, with automatic updates. Notifications will be concise, and will be taken from the phone or the smartwatch. For example a text message on the phone, will see your watch vibrate with a preview of the message.

Other features of Android Wear include monitoring your fitness, like your heart rate or daily steps, if the specific watch has those. Also, a feature called ‘glaceable’ wherein interaction with the device can be achieved by just lifting the wrist is present for notifications in Android Wear.

Android Auto

Google launched the Open Automotive Alliance earlier this year, and already has over 40 partners.


This system which connects the phone with the car dashboard, will allow you to get directions, play music, and communicate via phone/text messages by simply voice commands.
The Android Auto SDK is expected to be unveiled soon.

Android TV

The Android TV, promises to combine Android apps, google play services and TV. Google emphasised on easy searching, including voice enabled searches which included even via wearables like the smartwatch. Apart from improvements to Chromecast, Google announced Google Cast for Android TV which will allow for streaming of content on TV from tablets or smartphones.


Google seemed to be looking at cross-compatibility of ChromeOS and Android, with all native Android apps coming to ChromeOS. Initially Android notifications (like a call, text message etc. on your Android phone) will be visible on the Chrome Desktop. Eventually apps will make their way.

However, the effort is touted to be still in the early days, and it may be some time before it is brought into practice.

Google Fit

Google unveiled the Google Fit, an entire platform specifically targeted at tracking health and fitness information. The Google Fit SDK is expected to be made available to developers soon. It will collect data from the various sensors attached to either wearables or phones and provide relevant recommendations. Many organizations, including fitness oriented like Nike, RunKeeper, Adidas, Noom are already partnering with Google in this effort.

SEO To Become A Determining Force In Internet Marketing

SEO To Become A Determining Force In Internet Marketing

Internet is poised to prepare itself into a new battle ground with SEO trending even larger than ever. With the spurt in internet marketing, the marketing roulette is all set to witness a new swing in the coming four to five years. As per the study conducted by a group of marketers,” in the coming five years, SEO’s contribution to internet marketing will be astonishing. It would comprise of 52% of money spent alone for marketing. Critical! Isn’t it? Seeing the sprouting numbers of netizens that are increasing day by day, SEO is believed to make all other marketing strategies obsolete in the coming decade”. The findings of this flagship survey unveils some completely mindboggling facts that says that one in every $10 that is spent on internet marketing will go to SEO.

So, what could be the possible scenario in near future is SEO would be capable of generating a colossal funding that would not just revolutionalise the way that marketing is taking place rather it will turn out to be a money making proposition for the future business aspirants. As per the findings, it is anticipated that SEO will turn out to be the greatest investment that internet marketing can come across in the coming few years. Many organization are on the verge of upping –the-ante by wielding the influence of SEO, taking it as a mainstream marketing campaign.

Corey Elliot, research director of the pioneering survey was quoted while saying that,” Local search has become one force contributing to the 657% increase in application development, 446% growth of online video production, and 610% growth in mobile media management.” The influence of online marketing is rife and what fortunes it can wield in near future will be something to watch out for.

The researcher further added that,” creating a Web presence, online marketing support, online ad production, online publishing relations, online consulting and research will take $708 billion”.

The influence of SEO is not hidden from the common eye, it is has become a developmental model for growth of many businesses. Facing the ubiquitous competition prevailing in “laissez faire “, it has turned out to be a primary marketing tool to portray the one up-man-ship in the internet marketing arena. With 91% of the users resorting to online search for purchasing a product, it would not be a mistake to call SEO marketing the mother of all battles on the internet.

A New Algorithm to Ensure Optimum Clients Satisfaction-Another “Eureka Moment” In the Field Of SEO

SEO has yet again proved its raison d’être by excelling in its giant leap to impart maximum satisfaction to the clients. As per the latest revelation by a UK based survey consultancy, SEO’s success has been astonishingly overwhelming in getting their clients on the “numero uno” position in maximum search engine result page.

Witnessing an exponential rise on account of new technology, the term “SEO” has gained currency in the internet marketing campaign. The most bizarre fact that SEO has done is that it has almost brought about a revolution in the field on online marketing. Particularly, the dominance is felt with a higher intensity in the local arena, where almost 97% of the internet users are resorting to local searches for purchasing online. A colossal number to start off!

In order to make SEO a highly professional venture various companies are on the brink of opening SEO training program that encapsulates within itself not just SEO but also how to make future blueprint for positive results.
The CEO of SEO Consultancy Ltd Dr M Mansoor Siddique reports, “SEO is widely unregulated, and it is surprising the lack of technical knowledge that most SEO companies have, it is therefore not surprising why so many of these companies are not able to prove their success.”

The initiative has been primarily devoted to improve the SEO sense among those aspiring to take SEO as their professional identity.

An SEO firm in Europe has launched one of its kinds, a pioneering initiative that envisages catalyzing the conversion rate by using heat maps and eye tracking algorithm that ensures optimum conversion rate whenever a visitor is on any landing page of the company’s website.

In what could be believe as a new “Eureka moment” in the field of internet marketing, it will be something very pleasing to watch out for what this new SEO tactics does to the internet marketing campaign across the globe.

Existence of ‘Long-Term SEO’ and ‘Low SEO Maintenance’ in SEO Industry

After attending several presentations on SEO and online marketing, meeting different people in the industry, I have come across one simple thing that everyone has a different perception and thoughts but they always land up on the same objective. So who will decide whose perception is the right one?

Well I do not have an answer to that neither anybody else have. If you will ask the definition of SEO from three different people then you should not get amused if each one of them speaks different about SEO. Let’s get straight to the point now and I should throw some light on two phenomenons existing in SEO industry:

Low SEO Maintenance

I will not disagree on the fact that SEO requires more and more money to maintain over time. However I will neither move away from the truth that low SEO maintenance exists in a fruitful manner, if not for many years, then atleast for 6 months to one year. See an individual will be ready to invest more money to maintain the website if he is getting more money from it. Why a person will invest more if he is not receiving ample results from his efforts.

Certainly you want to invest more money to target and maintain newer potential keywords and to generate newer searches which people can start adopting while searching for products or services similar to the ones provided by you. The simple thing to understand is that each individual has different SEO objectives, targets and goals. A person who has a blog on a particular niche for which he has passion to write upon does not need to invest money in PPC or SEO for doing tasks like title tags, sitemap creation, creating links, etc. Instead by posting regular fresh content he will surely be able to show up in the search rankings without thinking of any targeted keywords and employing any SEO strategy.

So people…I would rather say so-called smart people who think that by creating links and doing some black hat they would cheat and enjoy higher rankings surely come to their ultimate fate when they dip badly and get penalized.

The bottom line is that low SEO maintenance exists no matter whether an individual is running a small blog or a corporate running a big e-commerce store.

Long-Term SEO

How will you define long-term SEO…? Is this something in which an individual has to spend continuous money month after month to sustain the existing rankings and to target newer keywords for more dominant search results or is it something which supports the phenomenon – ‘Set it and Forget it’..?

I mentioned this question because I witnessed the same question being asked in one of the presentations which I attended few months back, so thought of sharing that insight with you. I think long-term SEO is for individuals who have certain goal or ambition in their mind. However remember that your goal should not be to have top rankings for your keywords as it will be of no use if your keywords are ranking higher and your traffic is still lesser than a mere blogger who is not spending anything and still getting his article higher on search engines than your website. I will call that sheer wastage of money and awful strategy. Always keep one target in your mind and that is to have increased traffic on your website. The more traffic you will have, the more queries or leads you will gonna generate from your website.

So for me long-term SEO will suit both categories of people. The ones who want to set a particular link strategy having defined goals and targets associated. And the ones who do not have any defined goals, no link strategy, no website audits, no keyword research. So it will not untrue to say that no one size fits all…it’s just the objectives, goals and vision which differ. So stop accusing others of their strategies, stop copying others’ methods…Get set with your own purpose and goal and go ahead to achieve it with dedication and sincerity…!!!

Google Penguin 2.0 to Arrive in Next Few Weeks: Matt Cutts

Rumors were high this week of the launch of a Google update. If you have experienced something wrong with your site traffic then Google Penguin 2.0 is not the one behind it. But if we go by Matt Cutts, who heads the WebSpam team, the much awaited next Penguin update is round the corner and will be launched within a couple of weeks.

“Nope, no new Penguin update this week,” Cutts wrote on Twitter, later adding “…we do expect to roll out Penguin 2.0 (next generation of Penguin) sometime in the next few weeks though.”

Cutts mentioned Penguin 2.0 in March and since then it has been speculated and rumored heavily. He has also said that this update is going to be an important one which is certainly going to tweak Google Algorithm in several ways.

Penguin 1.0 was launched in April 2012 in Google and this was followed by two updates in May and October.

Millions of sites were hit and most of them had similar link profiles and same anchor text. Since Penguin 1.0, Google has become increasingly strict towards manipulative link profiles. Let’s see what Penguin 2.0 has in store for us and this would be unveiled in a couple of weeks.

Aiding Your Search With Google’s Autocomplete

Humans have always been curious about what goes around them, in their bodies and in the universe. We like to be informed and this is why we come up with questions to satiate our inquisition. And, with the launch of search engines, now anybody connected to the internet can get quenched with dollops of information available on them.

The questions you ask the internet are sometimes the ones which you cannot ask your family and friends. Search engines have become the true friend of internet users these days and people rely on them with their personal thoughts, ailments and orientation.

And to help users get exactly what they want, sites like Google and Bing now offer a trail of the frequently asked questions. This reveals us an interesting trend on what people search and look for when they are online. This also lets one know about the collective search strings put in by people around the world. These questions can be related to a scam or a utopian thought as well.

Now when I type ‘is’ on Google, it offers me ‘Is John Cena dead?’, ‘Is Facebook down?’, ‘Is Hong Kong a country?’.

When I type ‘was’, the results are ‘Was Jesus married?’, ‘Was Abraham Lincoln a vampire hunter?’, ‘Was Einstein a Jew?’.

So where are these queries or questions coming from? Well, they all come from what is called Autocomplete by Google and Autosuggest by Microsoft. This feature is supposed to guess what you are up to when you type a search query. So as soon as you type a word like ‘was’, ‘is’, ‘when’ etc., Autocomplete jumps to life and offers you suggestions based on the most searched queries.

We would even shy talking about some questions that come to our head with our real life friends. This is why, the search engines have become bosom friends of users and hence we share with them anything we want. This may also be the reason that the popular search patterns are sometimes often impolitic but they show us how we all collectively think.

People at Google and Bing say that the search engines of our times reflect our society on a whole and the questions thus asked show us what we think when it comes to people, religion, diseases, god, cartoons, places etc. And sexual orientation is one of the most searched queries around the world. All of such questions come up at an alarming frequency on the engines.

But the inception of the autocomplete or autosuggest is based on the need to search the web accurately and speedily. This feature cuts down misspellings, offers users right choices and ultimately answers them with pages with the best pieces of information.

Google Penguin Update- An Answer to Unethical Tactics

In this article, I would like to explain the strategy to be employed if your website has been hit hard by Google’s recent update called Penguin. We all have seen several content pieces written on the same topic all over the web. Some have shown the way to success and have beaten the Penguin attack while others have just gone onto the losing side.

It’s not the first time that webmasters have started to witness negative effect in their websites’ rankings after a Google update as this is continuing since 10 years when Google was evolved. The staircase will show the advancements sequentially.

Firstly it is vital to know what is penguin update introduced by Google. Penguin Update is nothing but over-optimization. Yes Google was forced to introduce this update because the number of Blackhat webmasters trying to hack the link building strategy was increasing and such people were making use of anchor texts to an abnormal extent for the benefit of their websites. So, sweet yet powerful Penguin acts on such aggressive anchor text usage and the links coming from low-quality sources so that people cannot get escape by following the keyword stuffing strategy.

enguin had been introduced by google by making the changes in the algorithm so people who think that Google has penalized their website in the form of Penguin update, then they are wrong as they have just been fallen prey to Google’s new algorithm change update.

I wonder why people go out of the box and try those things which are strictly mentioned as “Not-to-do” in the Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google’s penguin update is the answer to all such illegal activities adopted by people. In order to stay away from the affect of penguin update or any update rolled out by Google, it is important for all of us to avoid purchasing links, creating hidden doorway pages, having hidden text or links or involving in redirects and cloaking.

If you are doing any of the above activities, then you are bound to fall prey to Google’s update some time or the other. Actually the problem with some of the webmasters is that their focus remains on increasing links in stead of thinking of increasing visitor experience. They should understand that in order to have targeted visitors to their websites, it is important to add value for the customers and that can only happen by employing White hat techniques.

Ok so suppose you are hit by Penguin update and promise me that you will not get indulged in any unethical practice, then you can see some of the vital points which need to be taken to come out of this Penguin cave.

1. In order to examine the damage extent of penguin update, you should take out a 30-day analytics report tracking the traffic decrease you witnessed.

2. The next step should be to check for the keywords on which you lost the traffic. This will help you to know the keywords which are responsible for slowdown.

3. You should identify the keywords on which you lost rankings and then check whether over-optimization was done for those keywords through low quality links.

4. If you think that you have been targeted wrongly, then you can send an email to Google Webmaster Central and notify them about your case.

5. Check whether your links are indexed. I want to tell you that Google these days is deindexing directory links coming from low PR. So such deindexed links can harm you to a great extent.

If you have not been hit by Penguin yet then it’s high time you should avoid doing any illegal practice that may put you under Penguin scanner. If you are already running on a smooth track then just enjoy the ride as no update will ever harm you.