Existence of ‘Long-Term SEO’ and ‘Low SEO Maintenance’ in SEO Industry

After attending several presentations on SEO and online marketing, meeting different people in the industry, I have come across one simple thing that everyone has a different perception and thoughts but they always land up on the same objective. So who will decide whose perception is the right one? Well … Continue reading

Google Penguin 2.0 to Arrive in Next Few Weeks: Matt Cutts

Rumors were high this week of the launch of a Google update. If you have experienced something wrong with your site traffic then Google Penguin 2.0 is not the one behind it. But if we go by Matt Cutts, who heads the WebSpam team, the much awaited next Penguin update … Continue reading

Aiding Your Search With Google’s Autocomplete

Humans have always been curious about what goes around them, in their bodies and in the universe. We like to be informed and this is why we come up with questions to satiate our inquisition. And, with the launch of search engines, now anybody connected to the internet can get … Continue reading

How To Make The Most Of Search Queries In Webmaster Tools

If you find the Search Queries feature in the webmaster tools to be enticing but does not know how to make the most of it then this video released by webmaster blog will surely help to clear all your queries: The video above enables you to know all the things … Continue reading

13 Reasons To Why Your Company Must Have A Blog

Blogs are not new to online marketing and they certainly are a great tool for your website. Given below are some reasons on why you should go for a blog for your website. 1. Blog Shows That You Mean Business Irrespective of the industry you belong to, your target audience … Continue reading

Google Penguin Update- An Answer to Unethical Tactics

In this article, I would like to explain the strategy to be employed if your website has been hit hard by Google’s recent update called Penguin. We all have seen several content pieces written on the same topic all over the web. Some have shown the way to success and … Continue reading

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