Are You Falling Behind In The Competition? Chances Are That Your Website Is Not Indexed—A Way Out Benevolent Folks

You Falling Behind In The Competition

“What is the use of planting your rose in a desert when no one can smell its sweet smell?” The statement is a metaphor when compared with your endeavors to help make your website promulgate in the internet searches. So, there are instances that though with all the dedicated efforts … Continue reading

Some SEO Myths That Need To Be Busted

SEO Myths

Googlelonomics —the word looks naïve, isn’t it, but the reason that I am using this word is because Google is smart, so you can’t fool it by playing smart. You have myths, its 22nd century my friend—technology is riding on a pillion and so does Google, so you need to … Continue reading

How to Explore New Realms in Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business Promotion

Content Marketing Strategy

“Content is the king and SEO is the Queen”- With the emergence of knowledge driven promotion, that saying is apt for marketing your business with an iron hand on the internet. However, one thing that is evident for making your marketing stand unique and first-passing-the-post in this ever challenging contest … Continue reading

Google Adwords About To Launch New Initiative For Call Forward In November 2014

Google Adwords

Google is pitching to make an unprecedented mark on the adwords campaigning by introducing local number call forwarding feature in the coming month of November, 2014. Now, it will be interesting to see what effect this feature will wield on the campaign strategies of innumerable businesses that are resorting to … Continue reading

Use XML Sitemaps and RSS/Atom Feeds for Better Crawling


Are you enthusiastic towards making your business reach the “Numero Uno” position? If you want to bring about the dynamism and change in your business then it is high time to pay heed to what Google says. Google has launched slew of practices that would technically place you on a … Continue reading

With Penguin 3.0 Around, How To Deal With The SEO Strategy…

Google is all set to launch a new swing of development with the launch of Penguin 3.0, the newest algorithm updates that Google has introduced in this year. With Google on an accelerating spree to launch new updates for penalizing black hat SEO techniques, how will this new Penguin 3.0 … Continue reading

What is the Best Way to Get Leads in Local Markets?


“When you are staying in the jungle you got to abide by its rule else you are thrown out anytime”. Internet is one such jungle and Google is the lion that sets the rules to be worshipped. Yes, I have used the word worshipped as you can’t displease Google if … Continue reading

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