Are You Falling Behind In The Competition? Chances Are That Your Website Is Not Indexed—A Way Out Benevolent Folks

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“What is the use of planting your rose in a desert when no one can smell its sweet smell?” The statement is a metaphor when compared with your endeavors to help make your website promulgate in the internet searches. So, there are instances that though with all the dedicated efforts you are not able to help make your website get visibility on Google search. Instances are that you may be facing an indexing problem. So, how you can figure things out and make your business yield results that you are looking for.

There are many reasons that have debarred your website from getting indexed. In this blog you will get the leverage of coming across few of them. So, if so far your website is encountering this problem, and technically you are lost in the vast ocean named Google then you can steer your ship to customers and leads by fixing these problems.

You Falling Behind In The Competition

1. Find out whether your website is indexed under www or non www domain.
This is the most simmering issue that needs to be tackled. So, you must figure out whether it is or However, if you have both these sites then you must specify the domain for each website. This will help make things look viable.

2. Your website is alien in Google
Often, if your site is newly created then it may take some time, but if after a considerable period of time you are still not indexed in Google then probably you must check the following things to help fix indexing stuffs.

  • Go to webmaster tools homepage and select the website that you want to index.
  • Once you are there, on the dashboard you would find a crawl option. In that option click fetch as Google.
  • When a dropdown list appears, you must select desktop.
  • So, once you select the fetch button then it will fetch the URL that you want to get indexed.
  • After the fetch status turns successful you can index them at an average of 500 URLs per week.

3. Often for security reasons, the developer can block the website with robots.txt. In this case, you just have to remove robot.txt from the entry to get your URL indexed.

4. It is imperative that your website should have sitemap.xml. Sitemap are important parameters that Google follow to index your page. It provides specification to Google about the web pages and content that it carries. With the help of this sitemap, Googlebot can trace your website. So, if you think that you are having indexing issue then you can revise and resubmit. Once you do this then in case your URL was not indexed then it can get indexed again.

5. Crawl errors are also one of the reasons that act as an impediment for Google from indexing your website. So, you need to fix them for getting your site indexed. Here is how you can streamline the process.

You can follow these steps to help your website get indexed. Select your site → Click on “Crawl” → Click on “Crawl Errors”. If you have any errors, i.e., unindexed pages, you will see them in the list of “Top 1,000 pages with errors.” So, you can effortlessly club them together and fix it instantly.

6. Meta Tag is Not Indexed
If you have not indexed your meta tags then Google bots will not be able to find your website.


These problems become hard to trace on account of indexing and you must fix them instantly to get your website indexed. So, you just have to remove the line of code and you will be back to business folks. So, once you correct it then the Meta Tag will appear like this.


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