Aiding Your Search With Google’s Autocomplete

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Humans have always been curious about what goes around them, in their bodies and in the universe. We like to be informed and this is why we come up with questions to satiate our inquisition. And, with the launch of search engines, now anybody connected to the internet can get quenched with dollops of information available on them.

The questions you ask the internet are sometimes the ones which you cannot ask your family and friends. Search engines have become the true friend of internet users these days and people rely on them with their personal thoughts, ailments and orientation.

And to help users get exactly what they want, sites like Google and Bing now offer a trail of the frequently asked questions. This reveals us an interesting trend on what people search and look for when they are online. This also lets one know about the collective search strings put in by people around the world. These questions can be related to a scam or a utopian thought as well.

Now when I type ‘is’ on Google, it offers me ‘Is John Cena dead?’, ‘Is Facebook down?’, ‘Is Hong Kong a country?’.

When I type ‘was’, the results are ‘Was Jesus married?’, ‘Was Abraham Lincoln a vampire hunter?’, ‘Was Einstein a Jew?’.

So where are these queries or questions coming from? Well, they all come from what is called Autocomplete by Google and Autosuggest by Microsoft. This feature is supposed to guess what you are up to when you type a search query. So as soon as you type a word like ‘was’, ‘is’, ‘when’ etc., Autocomplete jumps to life and offers you suggestions based on the most searched queries.

We would even shy talking about some questions that come to our head with our real life friends. This is why, the search engines have become bosom friends of users and hence we share with them anything we want. This may also be the reason that the popular search patterns are sometimes often impolitic but they show us how we all collectively think.

People at Google and Bing say that the search engines of our times reflect our society on a whole and the questions thus asked show us what we think when it comes to people, religion, diseases, god, cartoons, places etc. And sexual orientation is one of the most searched queries around the world. All of such questions come up at an alarming frequency on the engines.

But the inception of the autocomplete or autosuggest is based on the need to search the web accurately and speedily. This feature cuts down misspellings, offers users right choices and ultimately answers them with pages with the best pieces of information.


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