A New Algorithm to Ensure Optimum Clients Satisfaction-Another “Eureka Moment” In the Field Of SEO

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SEO has yet again proved its raison d’être by excelling in its giant leap to impart maximum satisfaction to the clients. As per the latest revelation by a UK based survey consultancy, SEO’s success has been astonishingly overwhelming in getting their clients on the “numero uno” position in maximum search engine result page.

Witnessing an exponential rise on account of new technology, the term “SEO” has gained currency in the internet marketing campaign. The most bizarre fact that SEO has done is that it has almost brought about a revolution in the field on online marketing. Particularly, the dominance is felt with a higher intensity in the local arena, where almost 97% of the internet users are resorting to local searches for purchasing online. A colossal number to start off!

In order to make SEO a highly professional venture various companies are on the brink of opening SEO training program that encapsulates within itself not just SEO but also how to make future blueprint for positive results.
The CEO of SEO Consultancy Ltd Dr M Mansoor Siddique reports, “SEO is widely unregulated, and it is surprising the lack of technical knowledge that most SEO companies have, it is therefore not surprising why so many of these companies are not able to prove their success.”

The initiative has been primarily devoted to improve the SEO sense among those aspiring to take SEO as their professional identity.

An SEO firm in Europe has launched one of its kinds, a pioneering initiative that envisages catalyzing the conversion rate by using heat maps and eye tracking algorithm that ensures optimum conversion rate whenever a visitor is on any landing page of the company’s website.

In what could be believe as a new “Eureka moment” in the field of internet marketing, it will be something very pleasing to watch out for what this new SEO tactics does to the internet marketing campaign across the globe.


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