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5 Quick Fixes Your Blog Badly Needs Right Away

Posted on: March 17th, 2017 by Cyber Flavors No Comments

You may not be the first company to start and maintain an integrated blog with your official website, nor do all blogs succeed with all the business goals they project at the time of initiating a blog. No matter how you gauge your blog’s success, there are these little some things that can make a huge impact in being heard, read and reached out. After all, that’s what blogging is meant for, unless it’s a private one.

To make a massive impact on your audience, and first things first; impress Google search engine enough to show you at a respectable results position, you need to adopt the right tools, strategies and techniques and make your blog stand out.

5 Quick Fixes Your Blog Badly Needs

Here are these 5 quick fixes your blog badly needs right now if you aren’t following them yet.

1 Image Game

Will it be too clichéd to say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, some true thoughts never go clichéd really. Keeping in mind that content is king and will always be, it still never takes away the importance an image deserves. No matter how useful, informative or interesting your textual content is, it always needs an image to have its back. So always include more and more high resolution, relevant images. A header image of the blog may never be enough and more is always less, so include more images, graphs, charts and screenshots to make a real impact and make your audience stick around for a little longer.

2 Subheadings Strategy

If you believe in killing two or more birds with a single stone, you cannot overlook using subheadings. Your textual content not only gets a proper structuring, it also helps you as a writer to stick with the topic. Furthermore, subheadings also help in better search engine optimization with short and long tail keywords that the spiders of the search engine might be looking for caught up in the subheadings. So include H1, H2 and even H3 if possible and get windfall benefits.

3 Consider Local SEO

If you include location based keywords in your content, your conversion chances improve drastically. Not only are people looking for local service providers and businesses, even the search engines are starving for local SEO. So include your location in your keywords while writing your blog posts and witness the massive mobile internet usage and attract up to 70% more local consumers.

4 Dynamic Homepage

Okay, we all saw those wonderful self-praising words about you on your homepage. But why not make your homepage dynamic now and let it showcase what your latest post is about? Get a ‘latest posts’ column on your website’s home and let your visitors know what’s new and happening instead of the same old ‘beating your own drum’ kind of a deal.

5 Call-to-Actions

From social media marketing and blogging to promotional SMS and printed flyers, CTA is something you cannot and shouldn’t shy away from. You have done your best in promoting your business or services and now you have to give your audience a chance to get in some action. If your blog doesn’t have a call to action button, you are really strangling your business with your very own hands. Get ‘call now’, ‘write to us’ or ‘drop by’ details and clickable tabs with contact number, email ID and driving directions to take your marketing to the next level called- conversion.

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