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How to Run Your First Facebook PPC and How It’s Different From Adwords

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Whether or not you’ve been trying to promote your business through Google AdWords, who has nearly become synonymous to PPC, here’s something completely new and different for you to explore. If you think Facebook is only meant for bragging your new dress, checking in to the movie or event and commenting on the pictures of friends and friends of friends, there is a lot more to it than socializing, and it is business marketing and networking.

When it comes to PPC and internet marketing data, Google AdWords and Facebook PPC are running shoulder to shoulder and sometimes it can get difficult to choose the one amongst these two. To know which horse to put your money on, there is a bit of research and comparison to be done. Well, before that, lets understand what Facebook PPC is, how it works and then we’ll see how is it different from the one that’s almost an old school now- Google AdWords.

"facebook ppc strategy"
Facebook PPC Campaign

Just how paid search is synonymous to Google AdWords, Paid and social advertising has become tantamount to Facebook Ads. Have you ever noticed those small, tiny blocks at the right hand side of your Facebook and wondered how you always come across things that totally interest you, things you’ve been looking for, things you at once fall in love with? Don’t consider yourself lucky, it’s the Facebook that does the trick.

There are endless new features and characteristics of Facebook Ads that we must discuss, as we come across them while discussing the process of getting started and running your first Facebook PPC campaign.

You can also take out time to read a post to get started with Instagram ads.

Getting Started

When you want to set up and run a PPC campaign on Facebook, here are some easy steps to follow. You can keep it simple, or go to extreme ends to define the elements and specifications- it’s all up to you. But here’s what and how you go about it.

1. Choosing the Objective

Choose your objective for the campaign. Facebook gives you options such as awareness that includes brand awareness, local awareness and reach, page promotion, boost your post, consideration that means traffic, engagement, app installs, video views and lead generation and conversion that also includes store visits and product catalog sales. Once you define the objective of your campaign, it’s time to move ahead to the next step.

2. Account Creation

Once you define or choose the objective, you can create an ad account for that campaign. Now, you can name or rename your campaign and totally customize it. Choose the account country, currency, and time zone and choose the continue option to reach the next level.

3. Select your Audience

Facebook is really generous when it lets you select your audience with utter specifications. As this is your first Facebook PPC campaign, you can create new audience group, but later, you will be able to save your audience groups for future campaigns and design customized ads for different groups. Now here, you can create custom audiences based on their location, age group, gender and language. This helps you reach the right set of people who might be interested in your product, service or campaign.

Well that’s not all, you can choose detailed targeting to include people who match the chosen demographics, interests, behavior etc and exclude people from the particular location, demographic, interest or behavior. That’s selective and detailed audience targeting.

Next, we have connection type, that lets you choose whether you want to show your Ad to people who like your page or use the app, their friends, or exclude the people who like the page or use the app already, people who use a specific technology or people who respond to a particular event etc. once you save the audience, you can always start a new campaign for that group of audience you created.

4. Placement

Once your ad and its audience is created, it is important to choose where and how to place your ads. You can either put things in the hands of Facebook by choosing automatic placements or choose Edit Placements. While Facebook has an entire department that takes utmost care of Ad placements, it is always safe to put your eggs in their nest just the way cuckoos do.

5. Budget and Scheduling

Now comes the time to disburse some funds or at least decide how much you can invest on your business’ Ad campaign on a social media network that has a 1.86 billion monthly active users. Once you choose your budget and selecting the plan, i.e., daily budget or lifetime budget, and then scheduling your ad display that means selecting continuous display or setting a start and end date and time.

6. Create your Ad

What’s next? Create your ad; choose the format, such as single image, single video, slideshow or canvas, choosing and uploading the images and media files, choosing a scheduler etc to finalize your ad and create it at last.

7. Placement

Well, this one is different. Now you choose your Ad to be displayed on desktop news feed, mobile news feed, feature phone, desktop right column, or instagram feed.

8. Place your Order

Have you been restless for this step? You can finally place your order now, make the payment and wait for an email from Facebook with a confirmation as your Ad goes live. Voila! You did it.

A Guide To 5 Email Marketing Platforms

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In the midst of social media noise and chaos, what gives us a moment of solitude is a pop-up message that says “you’ve got mail!”. So finally we hear from someone and the world is not liking, sharing or commenting on it. Be it Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (which is also gradually going social) and many other online platforms that share what you do, read or even shop, a mailbox is still purely yours to own and benefit from.

So when we talk business, an email is still, by far, the most reliable and impactful marketing strategy than any noisy social media marketing campaign around. You not only get in touch with your present and prospective clients one-on-one, you also get a lot of freedom to personalize, share and impress.
So hoping that a manual email marketing campaign isn’t on your mind, we created this list of 5 best email marketing platforms around that can take away the pain of reaching out.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool that has taken the test of time. With varied and multiple features like creating and managing email marketing campaigns, MailChimp also provides tracking and analytics. It is feature packed with automation and flexibility and by and large, the favourite among many leading marketers.

2. iContact

No, this isn’t one of those Apple gadgets, but a versatile email marketing tool that lets you run email campaigns more effectively. With features such as email newsletters automation, predefined templates, live setup help and support, integrations with third party apps and scheduling among various others, this email marketing tool also provides a well established social media and email scheduling feature, online surveys and much more.

Your emails are less likely to end up in spam when you are using this advanced marketing tool and that’s a brownie point.

3. AWeber

For pleasing templates and surprising segmentation features, AWeber is a hot favourite among many email marketers. Although a completely desktop oriented platform and less mobile friendly, AWeber has gained a lot of admiration for its innovative and sophisticated features that it bestows. Features such as email templates, email tracking and analytics, auto-responders, live phone, chat and email support and tutorials make this platform much loved among users.

4. GetResponse

For the novice email marketers, GetResponse is the best bet with easy to use features, designed keeping beginners in mind. However, its simplistic design approach does nothing to alienate it from being technically rich and well equipped. From email scheduling and automation to generating and running campaigns, creating groups and segments to tracking and using auto-responders- GetResponse does its best to get your vehicle rolling.


Some good things cannot be missed out, no matter how short the list is. Emma is the perfect example of a competent email marketing platform because it is designed keeping customer behavior in mind. For all those who prefer a personalized marketing strategy, Emma is the best tool to hang around with. Emma lets you create customized marketing campaigns for your business prospects and track the response in the most dynamic, multi-dimensional way. From precise reports and mailing scores to click mapping- Emma is surely the boss around.

5 Quick Fixes Your Blog Badly Needs Right Away

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You may not be the first company to start and maintain an integrated blog with your official website, nor do all blogs succeed with all the business goals they project at the time of initiating a blog. No matter how you gauge your blog’s success, there are these little some things that can make a huge impact in being heard, read and reached out. After all, that’s what blogging is meant for, unless it’s a private one.

To make a massive impact on your audience, and first things first; impress Google search engine enough to show you at a respectable results position, you need to adopt the right tools, strategies and techniques and make your blog stand out.

5 Quick Fixes Your Blog Badly Needs

Here are these 5 quick fixes your blog badly needs right now if you aren’t following them yet.

1 Image Game

Will it be too clichéd to say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, some true thoughts never go clichéd really. Keeping in mind that content is king and will always be, it still never takes away the importance an image deserves. No matter how useful, informative or interesting your textual content is, it always needs an image to have its back. So always include more and more high resolution, relevant images. A header image of the blog may never be enough and more is always less, so include more images, graphs, charts and screenshots to make a real impact and make your audience stick around for a little longer.

2 Subheadings Strategy

If you believe in killing two or more birds with a single stone, you cannot overlook using subheadings. Your textual content not only gets a proper structuring, it also helps you as a writer to stick with the topic. Furthermore, subheadings also help in better search engine optimization with short and long tail keywords that the spiders of the search engine might be looking for caught up in the subheadings. So include H1, H2 and even H3 if possible and get windfall benefits.

3 Consider Local SEO

If you include location based keywords in your content, your conversion chances improve drastically. Not only are people looking for local service providers and businesses, even the search engines are starving for local SEO. So include your location in your keywords while writing your blog posts and witness the massive mobile internet usage and attract up to 70% more local consumers.

4 Dynamic Homepage

Okay, we all saw those wonderful self-praising words about you on your homepage. But why not make your homepage dynamic now and let it showcase what your latest post is about? Get a ‘latest posts’ column on your website’s home and let your visitors know what’s new and happening instead of the same old ‘beating your own drum’ kind of a deal.

5 Call-to-Actions

From social media marketing and blogging to promotional SMS and printed flyers, CTA is something you cannot and shouldn’t shy away from. You have done your best in promoting your business or services and now you have to give your audience a chance to get in some action. If your blog doesn’t have a call to action button, you are really strangling your business with your very own hands. Get ‘call now’, ‘write to us’ or ‘drop by’ details and clickable tabs with contact number, email ID and driving directions to take your marketing to the next level called- conversion.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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Continuous advancement in online marketing has made it easy for an organization to promote its services or products on a platform which is accessible to almost every person. Not just big brands, but even small companies are using latest online marketing tools and strategies to make their services popular and reachable at international level.

Seeing the increasing use of online marketing tools, every business is suggested to mark its online presence through a website. It is not just an easy, yet effective way to promote basic information, but also to get connected with clients.

But a website is useful only if search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are showing it in their top search results. In today’s competitive business world where online marketing has become as essential as other tools, it’s not easy to get noticed over the Internet. There’s always a need of SEO experts to manage the website and make regular changes in it to get benefits.

But how to choose the best Internet Marketer to manage your website when every company dealing in SEO services promises to provide the top search engines results, which is practically unfeasible? Here’re some essential questions that you could ask while considering an SEO company to improve your search engine rankings:

1. Why should we hire you?

It’s a very obvious question to ask that will have some definite answers. They may answer like ‘we are cheaper than others’, ‘we’re the best’ or ‘we always give faster results’. Here, you have to understand the good SEO will never be cheap. If you want favorable results, you will have to invest. Don’t go with someone who advises you to ditch some fine SEO strategies just to cut costs.

2. How will you get us on the first page of Google natural search?

There will always be a serious SEO strategy to improve a website’s search engine ranking. You should ask the potential company to reveal what process they follow to get favorable results. You will get answers, such as ‘We’re going to start with XYZ strategy’ or ‘we will target some keywords to attract people to your website or product’.

"SEO Questions"

3. How will I know about changes you’re going to make?

Your potential SEO Company is going to make some major changes in your current Internet marketing strategies, and it’s their responsibility to keep you updated about new changes. You could ask the company to send a work report or quick updates every day.

4. Can you share the list of your past and current clients?

Before online shopping, you read reviews about a product you are going to purchase. Buying services of an SEO firm is similar to online shopping. You must be aware of customers who have used or have been using services of the company. The company will not give you the entire list of clients, but it should not hesitate to share detail of two or three clients.

5. Do you follow latest Google practices?

Being one of the leading search engine giants, Google keeps on updating its SEO strategies and algorithm. There are high chances that one strategy which is effective today will bring no good results tomorrow. A good SEO company stays updated with latest Google algorithm and applies them in bringing good results.

6. What tools do you use for SEO work?

To ensure that your campaign is on the right track, it is necessary to know if all the right tools and sources are being used. You should do some basic technical SEO audit before hiring a company.

7. What practices will you follow for SEO work?

It is important for you to know what type of SEO practices the company is going to follow. You could ask the service provider to unveil strategies on Technical SEO, Off-page and On-page SEO. It may tell you about aspects working behind search engine spiders’ work to crawl your website. In addition, you will also come to know about inbound links on your website and how content can be optimized for relevant keywords.

8. Are you sure our website will be at the top in rankings?

Even the connoisseur in the arena or Google itself cannot guarantee you rank #1 in search results. If the SEO salesmen are just trying to get one more customer, they will promise and guarantee top results. You will have to remember that no one can understand Google algorithm completely, which means there’s no guarantee of success every time.

9. How should we make the payment?

Different SEO service providers may follow different payment methods. Some companies charge depending on a project, while others take money on hourly basis. Before finalizing the deal, you must ask about the payment structure. It is important that the service provider uses a secure payment gateway.

10. How Does Your Firm Measure Its Own Success?

A service provider who measures his success in the happiness or satisfaction rate of the client is surely delivering happiness but not the SEO service. So reject the service provider who says we’re successful if our clients are happy. Success should be gauged on the basis of client’s success, not satisfaction. If the previous clients have improved their ranking, which is the core aim of SEO, the SEO provider is successful. There’s no second thought about it.

How To Improve your Alexa Ranking In A Month

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Does ‘Alexa Ranking’ really matter while showing potential of a website? If you’re aware of its importance, you will definitely say ‘yes’. An individual who has knowledge about the Alexa Rank tool knows how it helps in showing popularity of your website relative to others.

For a brand’s popularity on the Internet, it is essential to have a solid Alexa Ranking. It is good to have lower Alexa Rank for your business. It not just calculates your business current health, but also tells your potential clients about the state of your business. This is the reason many businesses around the world are focused on improving their Alexa Rank.


Some people have a hunch that improving Alexa Ranking is a long-way process which takes a long time to get satisfactory results, but the truth is that if you are aware of right strategies and tricks, you will be able to see impeccable results in just 30 days.

Here’re some things that you should know to improve your website’s Alexa ranking quickly:

  • Invest in Alexa’s Certified Site Metrics

    As it is about the popularity of your business, do not hesitate to make small investment to get Alexa Certified Code. It comes with a number of benefits, such as accurate Alexa Rank, information on website’s performance and traffic on it.

  • Create error-free, genuine and informative content

    Content is going to make a big difference when it is about engaging potential clients, so it is necessary to create useful and easy-to-read content. It will not just connect users with the company, but also helps in improving Alexa ranking.

  • Ensure you’re getting quality inbound links

    When Google takes into account components related to its ranking algorithm, Domain trust/authority gets the biggest share. To achieve this, you must ensure that the backlinks your website is getting are of high quality. It means they should be belonging to trustworthy websites.

  • Keep a close eye on keywords your successful competitors are using

    There’s no harm in learning some new, effective strategies from your competitors. Combine your unique approaches to improve Alexa ranking with primary competitors’ keyword strategies to outperform the competition.

    You should use Keyword Planner of Google to track keywords your successful competitors are using.

  • Follow right SEO practices

    Although SEO needs your special attention and time, it produces great results. It makes your website better and improves its Alexa Ranking. To ensure that it is working in your favor, you must use the latest and the best SEO practices.

A Guide to Get Started With Instagram Ads

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Over the last few years, the increasing presence of businesses promoting their services on social media websites is not ignorable. Instagram, which has been on the success track since its launch in 2010, has lured several advertising enthusiasts in the recent time, and it is even predicted by experts that the photo-sharing platform is going to surpass other social media websites in terms of social media marketing.

Sharing pictures on Instagram is easier than any other social platform. Plus, most of the Instagram users are under 35, which mean there’s more buying power than Facebook and Twitter. In addition to that, developers are making continuous efforts to make Instagram more user-friendly and instill more marketing-friendly features.

According to eMarketer, today is the best time to promote a brand on Instagram, because there are higher chances of tasting success than ever. If you are skilled enough to create engaging visual content on your product, your company is going to have a good time on social media.

"Instagram Ads"
Here are some important steps to follow before and while you start promoting your brand on Instagram:

Step 1: Understand Instagram and Create Business Profile Account

Before getting started, collect and read information on the social media platform. Understand how it works, how you will gain audience, and how to showcase a product to them. Also, ensure that the Instagram account you’re creating is focused on your brand. For this, you can observe the strategy your competitors, who are successful on social media, are following.

Step 2: Reach the Audience

Ensure that people in your network are familiar with your brand, and may help you in promoting it. To ensure that, give authentic look about the company and its products or services.

Step 3: Post Creative, Engaging Content

Content will always be the king, so you must follow solid content strategy to gain attention of potential customers. You can also use products’ pictures or videos to make people familiar with your brand.

Step 4: Link Your Account to Facebook

Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago, and allowed users to connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can use Facebook’s Business Manager to post ads and reach out to the audience.

Step 5: Use Popular, Interesting Hashtags

‘Hashtag’ is one of the best features of Instagram which allows you to get noticed in the crowd. Although you can use 30 hashtags on one post, ensure that you’re using only useful, relevant and interesting hashtags.

Top Tricks to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

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Landing pages have a vital role in lead generation, and their absence may affect marketing strategies of online marketers. They not just have the ability to take traffic to other targeted pages of the website, but their absence may also reduce the chances of website visitors converting into potential customers. Experts on online marketing even suggest that companies can have growth in lead numbers if they increase the numbers of their website’s landing pages. But many small and even big organizations face difficulties when it comes to making marketing strategies. It is because plethora of marketers does not follow the best practices while optimizing the landing pages. So to keep your marketing strategies on track, here is a guide that may help you in optimizing your website’s landing page for improved results:

Low Page Loading Time

A user is not going to wait for even a minute to get the first glimpse of your landing page. Your efforts to make it beautiful and user-friendly will go in vain if the page is taking too much time to load. If its loading time is high, then you should immediately fix the issue, and ensure that within seconds, users are able to see everything on the page.
"SEO landing page conversion rate"
One Goal

Make sure that landing pages of your website are not confusing the visitors with multiple offers at one time. With a number of offers, users not just get confused, but also lose sight. There should be just one offer asking for users to pay attention. In addition, you could also create a guide for people on why to use your service. For example, the landing page may feature a section highlighting the importance of your offer.

Crisp, Yet Clear Headline

Instead of making headlines of the landing page fancy, focus on making it simple, easy-to-read and attention-grabbing. The font should be clear-to-read, bold and short. Try to add just one major headline, although there could be optional sub-headlines.

To-the-Point and Convincing Content

Remember that the information on the page is to satisfy users, and if there is unnecessary or over-elaborated text, they may lose focus. The content on the landing page should be genuine and clear to read. The information should be flowing in the right way to help users.

Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition

Traffic on your website will change into potential customers if they find something unique, yet valuable on the landing page. Mention what different you are offering to the users and how it is going to be better than your competitors.

Use High-definition Images and Icons

In addition to simple and easy-to-read content, images on the landing pages are something that grabs the attention of users. Ensure that header images and other pictures highlighting the company’s products and services are of high-quality and corresponding to the content.

Add ‘Call to Action’ Button

To make it more use-friendly, allow users to interact through some actions. You can put a CTA button large enough to be noticed on the page. Make sure that it’s easily noticeable on the page.