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Top Tips for Small Business Owners to Increase Traffic from Social Media

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They say there is nothing more satisfying than running your own little business. It has also been found in a survey that an entrepreneur is much more satisfied with his/her life than a regularly paid employee. These entrepreneurs are creative bunch of people who have completely changed how the businesses are held. More and more people are attracted towards getting into small businesses be it handmade gifts, clothes, baking, or any other sort of thing. However, the biggest difficulty theses entrepreneurs’ face is telling the world about their products and business. As small businesses do not work on big capital investments, promoting their businesses on a large scale is not a viable option.

Running a small business is an inherently risky thing to do. Once you have targeted your audience right, things will be easy and smooth, but if that is not done correctly the same can be a pain. The social networking sites are said to be the cheapest way to attract more and more sales for any business. This is a readily available option, used by almost everybody today; a huge group of audience can be targeted through these sites. However, what matters is how you make use of this social platform. Following mentioned are a few tips that can prove helpful in targeting more and more people towards your business through the social networking sites such as facebook, instagram and others.

Seek Advice from A SEO Consultant

It is sensible to seek a professional advice on the matters related to posting stuff about your business on social networking sites. There is a possibility that the content you post goes unnoticed due to lack of Search Engine Optimization strategies.


Smart Paid Promotion

At present, there are many options of getting into paid promotions on the social networking sites. You can opt for paid advertisements to promote your businesses. These ads can be customized according to the needs, target population, time zone during which the ad will be displayed and budget; it is you who decides the time duration the ad will be visible on the web. Analyze the needs of your target audience first and then go for a paid promotion accordingly.

Share More

Try to share more and more of your stuff on these social websites. Also ask your near and dear ones to share it for you. The more the post is shared more are the chances of people reached through that post.

Know That Facebook Is a Great Platform

Always remember Facebook is the greatest platform for you to promote your business, the size of audience you can target through facebook cannot be met by any other source. Therefore, use this readily available option wisely and smartly.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags let everybody know about a specific thing or trending topic on the web. Create a unique hashtag for your business and try using it with every post or picture you share. This increases the chances of visibility of your posts.

Keyword Usage

Keywords play a great role in targeting the people interested in stuff that you are offering. A keyword allows the user to search for the content you have uploaded on the web; content without appropriate keyword is bound to get unnoticed. Make sure to add relevant keywords to increase the visibility of your post.

Link Building: 5 Dos and Don’ts We Saw in 2016

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In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building has been considered as a very important aspect to have online presence. As a part of many strategies used in SEO, it involves the process of linking external pages to a page on your website. The key here is to link high quality pages from an authoritative website instead of from a newly built website to your page as it will bring a greater impact.

If used in the right way, it can be a beneficial tool. But if it is used incorrectly, it may bring disastrous results for your site. Sometimes you may commit a mistake unintentionally, thanks to the always-changing SEO world. To ensure that everything is happening in your favor, it is essential to stay updated with the changed techniques and algorithms for building high quality links.

If you were not able to learn anything significant about link building in 2016, here is a list of things you must do, and a list of things you must steer clear of in 2017:

"link building"
‘5 Dos’ for an effective link building

#1. For link building, ensure that you are generating impeccable content for your company’s website. The topic that you have been discussing must be engaging and to the point.

#2. Don’t trust paid links easily. Even if it’s a high rank website that is asking for link to your content, your external link may be considered as manipulative by Google.

#3. If you’re newbie in content creation, you can ask expert bloggers to help you in writing quality content. This will ensure that your website not only regularly produces fresh material, but also helps you earn links from other blogs through an active participation in dialogue across the web.

#4. If you think ‘self-link’ is the best and cheapest strategy, then it could be a misconception. Usually, such links are considered as low-value by Google.

#5. Try to generate newsworthy content to grab attention from press. Since 2016 was a year of viral news and events, this may be done by stating something controversial, releasing a new product or any such activity that is viral and grabs attention.

5 Don’ts that can tear down your Link building

#1. If you are thinking of buying links, please drop the plan. It’s not a good idea as Google keeps on checking sites with low quality links, leading to a loss of traffic and ranking of your website. Also, if you buy links from such link brokers who do not own these links, you directly violate Google’s guidelines leading to a penalization, if caught.

#2. Don’t trust the ‘cloaking’ technique. One should refrain from using it as a spamdexing technique to trick search engines into giving your site a higher ranking. It is a bad practice which may harm your SEO.

#3. Don’t add irreverent comments on different forum websites. Spamming such forums may lead to you getting banned from such discussion groups.

#4. Refrain from injecting links into a website as that will not help you in the long run.

#5. Don’t think of trading with any site to get links. Never agree to such a link exchange program as forming links w

Facebook Introduces a New Method to Rank Videos in the News Feed

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Facebook has announced a few changes to the way videos appear on your News Feed. Earlier, videos were ranked based on factors such as whether the viewers turned on the sound of the video, or opened it on full screen view. While these factors increased the exposure of the video to more viewers, Facebook has added a new metric to rank the credibility of videos.

Now, ‘Percent Completion’ will help determine the ranking of videos and their appearance on your News Feed. Percent Completion refers to the amount of time one spends in watching a particular video before closing it. Facebook thus believes that a viewer watches a video longer owing to its gripping content thereby implying the need for it to appear in the news feed of other users as well. Also, the longer one watches a video, the higher is the brand awareness and brand metrics lifts for that brand, as implied by Facebook.

This new metric brings attention and importance to the ‘live video broadcasts’ that Facebook has introduced recently. Facebook posted a blog post regarding this that shares, “people spend more than 3x time watching a Facebook Live video on an average compared to other video content”. Since live video content is believed to grab the attention of users for longer duration, you may see more of Live Videos posted by your friends and verified pages and public figures you follow on your News Feed from now on.

Facebook has begun to roll out this new metric in January to some users and will be monitored and rolled out to more users soon.

How to Make Your Blog Profitable?

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Blog writing is a growing field and indeed profitable too if used smartly and with the right techniques. Although blog writing has been considered more as a hobby or as an additional source of money, it can be a major source of income by following the right techniques. Contrary to popular belief, one can actually make their blogs profitable and create a stable stream of income from the process of blogging. To achieve this, there is a requirement for something more than a mere passion for writing. Here are top 5 methods as suggested by experts in the field through which you can make your blog more profitable and yield better results:

1. Increase traffic

Bringing more traffic to your blog is a vital factor to increase more sales. Popular blogs grab a lot of traffic from search engines. You can also attract more traffic to your blog through some simple methods. The more you share your content online, the more people see it. Thus, make sure to share your posts on the various social networking sites as much as possible. You can also comment on posts of other bloggers to attract their readers to your blog. Writing SEO centered content with carefully selected keywords is another vital factor to increase the visibility of your posts on search engines.

"How to Make Your Blog Profitable"

2. Theme or Blog Layout

Improving the structure and layout of your blog is also an important factor to grab the attention of readers. Trying different graphics, colors, buttons, visuals, and placement of links on your blog can bring a change in the profitability. A tool such as Unbounce is great for beginners in this regard.

3. Email List

Creating an email list of subscribers is one of the most important practices for a successful blogging. You can attract people for signing up to your email list by offering them free products such as videos, eBooks, courses, and so on or by adding testimonial to your website to gain their trust. You can then keep your base of customers updated with regular newsletters but make sure to not bug them with your advertisements too often or you may lose some subscribers.

4. Sell Own Products

A general practice most bloggers follow is that they just focus on the quick earning methods through their posts, which creates not much of an income. Bloggers can thus create a passive income method by launching and selling their products to their subscribers. Those who do not wish to launch their own products can indulge in affiliate marketing instead. Through this method, bloggers can promote someone else’s products on their blog and eventually get paid for every referral sale. The role of a strong email list and subscribers comes into play here wherein you can occasionally advertise your products to your subscribers through newsletters and increase sales.

5. Create Content about Yourself

Another good idea is to create occasional content about you or your products and services that earn you money. The important factor here is to create content that is more educational or informative and not sales-oriented. Like some popular blogs, you can add videos focusing on your sold products and incorporate it in your website.

Why Responsive Design Is Killing Your Creativity?

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Technology has entered into 2017 where the role of smart devices has become vital. Every client expects modern technologies from the service provider for business growth all across the globe. Apart from the company’s web presence, reaping direct benefits from technology is equally important. So a basic business website is never enough, but a comprehensive, technically advanced and responsive website is the need of an hour.

Responsive web design, also known as RWD, is an approach that is used to adjust web pages or websites in a way that they could be viewed on every device that we have today.

Today where online shopping is the most effective and the easiest way to buy things, can you imagine a website that has just a desktop version? Several studies have already shown that majority of people buy products online using their smartphones, so you cannot imagine a retailer without a mobile website.

Undoubtedly the addition of responsive web design in the technical field has resulted into tremendous growth in the mobile web sector, but many believe it has some problems that Ethan Marcotte didn’t imagine while inventing the term a few years ago. They believe responsive design is killing a designer’s creativity.

As a professional web designer, do you really think that your creativity gets killed under tight restrictions, or it flourishes because you have challenges to address? Well, you may say that when it is about branding, responsive design’s work is impressive, but what about layout? When you have distinct classes of viewpoint, you need distinct designs. It is not an easy thing to do, because you don’t know the accurate dimensions of every phone or device’s screen.

mobile responsive design

In addition, a website’s design makes a connection between its different elements, and when you are asked to fill these elements in a device as small as credit cards, that connection gets disturbed.

In responsive designs, all the attention is paid to the size, and not the content. The question that arises here is: Whether a user really needs access to full content of a website?

With the introduction of responsive designs, designers are forced to keep their creativity aside and adapt their work to small screens. Then what is the best way to use responsive web design without ditching the creative side of a designer? There could be different designs of a website for different devices, but that’s not a real solution. Having more than one version of a website is not feasible, and even if you think about it, you will have to spend a huge amount on just the designing process of a website. Plus, a designer will need time and exact dimensions of every screen to design.

Is there a solution to the problem? Sadly, nobody knows the best way to use responsive design that doesn’t affect creativity of a designer. It is not wrong to say that although responsive design is an impressive tool, it is being used very early. If we really want diversity in web designing, it is necessary to implement other tools, such as CSS variables and container-queries.

Top Excuses for Not Having a Website

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Whether it’s a big organization or a small company, running your own business is not an easy task. The list of things that you need to stay on the track to taste success never ends. But it doesn’t mean you should take shortcuts and ditch a very important element: Online visibility.

Modern technology has not just connected people all across the globe, but also enabled small businesses to position themselves on a strong path, which they could use to gain worldwide customers and motivate them to engage with their products or services.

Even at a time where clients Google before using services of a company,many small businesses hesitate to spend money on a website. Isn’t it surprising? Some of them even believe that a Facebook page with a phone number could fill the gap that has been created with the absence of a website.

Although they know that a website can really make a difference, they ditch the idea, citing some silly excuses.

Recent surveys show that around half of small businesses do not have a website today, andmany of them have no intention of having one in the near future. The question is: When many small businesses know that a website could be cornerstone of an organization, why do they evade the tool?

Connecting With People through Websites
Here’re some of the top, common excuses that small business owners make for not having a website in the technology-friendly world:

No Need of a Website

Many businessmen believe that they have a kind of business that doesn’t need online visibility. They believe a website is just a way to sell products online. When they don’t have products to sell on the Internet, they ditch the idea of having a website.

A Website Is Just Waste of Money

Internet is no less than a lifeline today. Whether it’s about finding study material, shopping, or buying services of a company, everything is available on the Internet. As per the surveys, more than half of the Internet users around the world search products online. Still, many business owners believe that a website is just a luxury item that they cannot afford.

Social Media Sites Are Better Than a Website

Social sites are a great way to stay connected with people, and promote a brand or product,but it could not be compared with a personal website. Some business owners believe that by posting regular content, they will gain new followers who could be their potential customers. Social media is a good promotional tool, but a website comes much ahead of Facebook and Twitter. As per the surveys, a company with a website gain more profit than the companies with no website.

No Time to Maintain a Website

Yes, a website needs maintenance regularly, that too by a professional. If you don’t have time for your website, you can hire a web development company that also provides website management services.

The Company Has Enough Clients

You might have number of clients today, but what if they find better services elsewhere tomorrow? Customers keep on looking for more beneficial services, and if they find someone better than your company, there are high chances that you will lose a client. Ensure that when your client is using the Internet to find the best service provider in your area, it’s none other than you.

9 Easy Steps for Mobile SEO Success in 2017

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Social marketing has been taking steps forward continuously to make SEO tool more useful, but ‘what is the best mobile strategy’ is still a mystery. Although the question is puzzling many SEO experts and tech enthusiasts, one thing is sure that the mobile web will keep on contributing in social marketing.

Seeing the increasing demand of latest smartphones across the globe, a report has predicted that more than 3.5 billion smartphones will be shipped worldwide by 2020. Search engine giant Google has also disclosed that more mobile users in developed nations have been using Google through their phones. How search marketers can use this mobile web boom to get benefits? Here are nine things that they should remember:

1. Stay updated with latest Google methods on mobile search

The search engine giant has many web crawling bots that it uses to find updated pages that could be added to the Google index. They are: Googlebot, Googlebot Video, Googlebot News and Googlebot Images.

2. Keep on checking how Google’s new update may impact mobile websites

In 2015, when Google disclosed a new rankings report, a number of websites experienced the impact. In just 30 days after the announcement, more than one-third of mobile rankings were lost. Some of the websites experienced a direct impact, while the others were impacted indirectly.

3. Ensure you have a mobile-friendly website

As the number of mobile users have been increasing drastically, it is necessary to design websites that could be operated through smartphones. It’s now almost a necessity to have a responsive website for any business.

4. SEO for search through smartphone

SEO plays a vital role to make search experience smooth on smartphones. Implementing few SEO checks such as quick page loading time, easy crawlability by Google, etc. can make enhance overall viewing experience.

5. Add ‘view desktop version’ on the mobile website

Add this link ‘View Desktop Version’ on your mobile website to make sure that the user is allowed to see the website in both versions.

Mobile SEO

6. Make sure the content is regularly updated

To ensure that the content on your mobile website is up to date, one should check it on regular intervals. The outdated content is a big turn off for the viewers.

7. Content accessibility

A mobile website should be easily accessible by the readers. Ensure that the content, any links, or images on the mobile website are easily scannable. No fun of making a website which the user can’t access.

8. Add links to authenticate the content

A website where the content has active links adds to the authenticity of the content. It’s always a good thing if a user can find the detailed information about something clicking on that link.

9. Adequate white spacing

It is very important to ensure the visibility of the mobile website. While designing the website, one should make sure that there is proper white spacing between the content as it increases the scan ability of the content.

It’s Official: Matt Cutts Resigns From Google

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Matt Cutts, famous software engineer and Google’s former head of search quality, is no longer available for the tech giant. Cutts, who officially resigned from his position at Google on December 31, 2016, is now working with the United States Digital Service (USDS) where he has been appointed as the director of engineering. Cutts was among the first 100 Googlers and was seen speaking in many conferences.

Earlier, it was expected that his services with the USDS will remain for around three months, but his stint extended when he decided to leave Google after noticing efforts by the agency. It is also supposed that his future promotion has impacted his decision of resignation.

In 2016, Cutts started to work with a team of USDS, but didn’t make it official. After working with the agency for few months, Cutts announced that he is no more on leave and has decided to work with the USDS where he has been appointed as the director of engineering.

In a statement on his new job, Matt Cutts compared his current workplace with his former company. He said the government doesn’t give high salaries like Silicon Valley companies. There are no free lunches and some days are frustrating, he added. But Cutts also said that work at the USDS is important and inspiring. It is something that could bring a positive change in people’s life, he added in the statement.