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How Can You Make Your Website Respond to Google’s Mobile Website Requirement?

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This Year Google is on an accelerating spree to bring dynamic changes for making internet marketing witness a new upswing. So, Google is all set to launch its pioneering program name—mobile friendly test tools. So, from now on Google would evaluate different websites that have opted for mobile friendly design on the parameters that it will set post this program is rolled into existence.

At this juncture, it would be technically difficult to ascertain how it will affect click through rate, but for folks it would be a safer stance to opt for mobile friendly website. As from now on Google will judge your website based on the responsiveness it carries while being accessed on different devices, so it will severely affect your website if you don’t have a mobile responsive design.

So, in that case you would be technically driving away all those visitors who would have opted for mobile to know about your business or rather who seek the products through mobile that matches with your business. As this change will take some time to set the balls rolling, website owners can change their website accordingly to make the most from this new salvo that Google will hurl. So, the most simmering question would be how to figure out whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

  • If you want to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, then you must avoid flash, this will help make things work in the best way.
  • You must include text in your website in responsive format, so that every now and then the visitors have not to zoom through to get stuffs into their head.
  • Make the content compact so that visitors will not have to scroll vertically or horizontally. At times this practice is too annoying to endure and visitors technically flee from those websites.
  • Keep the links in right alignment; it is imperative to help them figured it out properly.
    If you follow these things will designing your website then you can enjoy a level playing field when your website gets indexed.

Are You Falling Behind In The Competition? Chances Are That Your Website Is Not Indexed—A Way Out Benevolent Folks

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“What is the use of planting your rose in a desert when no one can smell its sweet smell?” The statement is a metaphor when compared with your endeavors to help make your website promulgate in the internet searches. So, there are instances that though with all the dedicated efforts you are not able to help make your website get visibility on Google search. Instances are that you may be facing an indexing problem. So, how you can figure things out and make your business yield results that you are looking for.

There are many reasons that have debarred your website from getting indexed. In this blog you will get the leverage of coming across few of them. So, if so far your website is encountering this problem, and technically you are lost in the vast ocean named Google then you can steer your ship to customers and leads by fixing these problems.

You Falling Behind In The Competition

1. Find out whether your website is indexed under www or non www domain.
This is the most simmering issue that needs to be tackled. So, you must figure out whether it is or However, if you have both these sites then you must specify the domain for each website. This will help make things look viable.

2. Your website is alien in Google
Often, if your site is newly created then it may take some time, but if after a considerable period of time you are still not indexed in Google then probably you must check the following things to help fix indexing stuffs.

  • Go to webmaster tools homepage and select the website that you want to index.
  • Once you are there, on the dashboard you would find a crawl option. In that option click fetch as Google.
  • When a dropdown list appears, you must select desktop.
  • So, once you select the fetch button then it will fetch the URL that you want to get indexed.
  • After the fetch status turns successful you can index them at an average of 500 URLs per week.

3. Often for security reasons, the developer can block the website with robots.txt. In this case, you just have to remove robot.txt from the entry to get your URL indexed.

4. It is imperative that your website should have sitemap.xml. Sitemap are important parameters that Google follow to index your page. It provides specification to Google about the web pages and content that it carries. With the help of this sitemap, Googlebot can trace your website. So, if you think that you are having indexing issue then you can revise and resubmit. Once you do this then in case your URL was not indexed then it can get indexed again.

5. Crawl errors are also one of the reasons that act as an impediment for Google from indexing your website. So, you need to fix them for getting your site indexed. Here is how you can streamline the process.

You can follow these steps to help your website get indexed. Select your site → Click on “Crawl” → Click on “Crawl Errors”. If you have any errors, i.e., unindexed pages, you will see them in the list of “Top 1,000 pages with errors.” So, you can effortlessly club them together and fix it instantly.

6. Meta Tag is Not Indexed
If you have not indexed your meta tags then Google bots will not be able to find your website.


These problems become hard to trace on account of indexing and you must fix them instantly to get your website indexed. So, you just have to remove the line of code and you will be back to business folks. So, once you correct it then the Meta Tag will appear like this.


Some SEO Myths That Need To Be Busted

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SEO Myths

Googlelonomics —the word looks naïve, isn’t it, but the reason that I am using this word is because Google is smart, so you can’t fool it by playing smart. You have myths, its 22nd century my friend—technology is riding on a pillion and so does Google, so you need to apply that critical scientific temper that is so far hiding at some corner of your SEO strategy. You must know that SEO is about continuous rigorous effort. You cannot just sow the seeds and enjoy the fruits; you need to water it for getting those fruits forever. SEO sails in the same boat. So, you need to keep away from some myths that you have so far cultivated and that has been the reason for your ignominious performance, you’re bad my benign folk! So, here are some myths that need to be busted, get over them before they get over you. You know why your rankings have plummeted, here is the reason why?

  • All these while you were like Oh! My God my title is unique, so I will stand distinct in the race. Keep this myth at bay, it won’t help you long. There are many platforms that don’t consider your meta-descriptions. Though it is not like they don’t help at all, but you can’t solely bank on them for staying at the top.
  • Shed the thinking that making your website promulgate on the social platform will help you enjoy the “numero uno” slot longer. Rather, think differently, think how Googlelonomics wants. So, you need the right mix to attract those Google bots so that they dance on your tune. Merely sticking to Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn is not enough, carve a different way around for your business promotion.
  • Buying ads help me improve my ranking. Technically, I would say you are a moron to have believed this all this while. Rather effective and informative content will certainly help you get the maximum organic ranking.
  • Try to be precise while writing the content; it is the key to stay at the top. Don’t beat around in the bush. So, rather than imposing, try captivating. Your content should not be what you want to impose, rather, what the viewers or searchers are looking for. If you write as per the users need, it’s a given that algorithms will filter your content and reward you with organic rankings.
  • SEO is not the only ladder to climb to the top; you have to rely on other tools as well for reaching to the top spot and staying there.

How to Explore New Realms in Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business Promotion

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Content Marketing Strategy

“Content is the king and SEO is the Queen”- With the emergence of knowledge driven promotion, that saying is apt for marketing your business with an iron hand on the internet. However, one thing that is evident for making your marketing stand unique and first-passing-the-post in this ever challenging contest is – information! By information I mean, what you are dealing in, how it can help folks and what is the reputation you hold in the market. While analyzing your website, Google will be looking for relative informative content. So, you would think that you have a home page, category page, about us and contact us page and scheme up page so you are the undisputed in the race. What the heck! Every website now-a-days are towing on those obsolete lines, what’s new you are generating; perhaps you are stuck, isn’t it? Certainly, you might be thinking how to figure out a way around that swing the marketing roulette in the favor of your business.

Here is how you must plan out your content management initiative for making your business website prove its mettle when it comes to adhering to the whims and fancies of Google’s algobots.

Content Marketing Strategy

Home Page: While you are designing your home page, it is imperative that your homepage will strike the core of your business operation. It will look more pitching and attract clients. Don’t write content what Google wants, rather write content what your targeted niche audience needs. Google pays for writing informative search friendly content.

Category page: Under the category page, you must not club multiple services together. Don’t bog it up, rather make it distinct. Dichotomy is always preferred while specifying about service. Keep two different services in a dichotomous structure. If you keep them apart, you have better chances of getting your site ranked meritoriously.

Product pages: Keep each product page separate and create a landing page specifying the functionality and specification of the product. It will certainly give you leverage over your competitors.
About Us & Contact Us: For about us and contact us page, don’t beat around in the bush, keep it to the point mentioning every vital details in the best way.

Schema Markup: If possible create a scheme markup page for your categories to help Google figure them out easily. The less Google has to sweat, the more it is better for your site.

So, if you think that you have done all this and now you can sit around by the side of the Miami Beach with a glass of wine having lavish sun baths and appreciating the scenic views, in the meantime your website is ruling the top spot on search engine result page then you are highly mistaken my friend.

It’s not just about putting the stuffs on the website and the job is done. It is just the beginning, you have to perspire and diligently do your duties to enjoy the top spot on Google search.

So, how to pave the way for such vaulting pursuit! Well, the answer is simple, start thinking like a customer while designing and framing your contents. How to achieve that:

  • Identify Your Customer: While you are planning the content for the services that you provide, in that case, try to figure out the trend that the local customers are following. You can also search your internal search result to find out about the trend. You can design your content strategy based on those findings.
  • Your Competitors: Try to conduct a detailed probe; it will always help you find out the strategies that your competitors are following. This will always put you on a level playing field while planning your content strategy for making your business successful.
  • Keyword trends: If you want to get maximum prominence for your business in local area then you have to think locally. While designing or planning your content strategy make sure that local keywords are carefully thought out.
  • Blog Posting: If you are doing regular blog posting containing relevant information that your customers require then it will always put you in a better position to get maximum organic ranking on any search engine result page.

Google Adwords About To Launch New Initiative For Call Forward In November 2014

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Google Adwords

Google is pitching to make an unprecedented mark on the adwords campaigning by introducing local number call forwarding feature in the coming month of November, 2014.

Now, it will be interesting to see what effect this feature will wield on the campaign strategies of innumerable businesses that are resorting to online advertisement.

It will pave the way for efficient and hassle free communication for the business houses. They would be able to use local numbers for call extensions on their ad. It is one of the pioneering initiatives that would help to use local number for call extensions. With this initiative you will have the opportunity to feature your local business online and this will appeal to the local audience in the best way.

How to set up this feature?

Here’s how you can approach it:

  • Click the Ad extensions tab in AdWords.
  • From the View drop-down, choose Call extensions.
  • Find the call extension you’d like to edit in the table and click the pencil icon next to the extension.
  • The phone number will be listed under “Selected phone numbers.” Click the pencil icon next to the extension to open the “Edit phone number” window.
  • Update your phone number. Google will attempt to provide a local or toll-free forwarding number to match the format of the number you provide (where available).
  • Click Save.

You will be able to have two options when you are availing the call forwarding facility.

  • Toll-free numbers: Forward calls to a toll-free number and by doing this you will be entering that number within the phone number field. Google will generate and show a toll-free Google forwarding number for your call extensions.
  • Local numbers: You can also choose to forward calls to a local number by entering a local number, you can be reached at in the phone number field through this number. Google will then generate a forwarding number for use on your call extensions on the number is fed. The local numbers generated by Google will share the same area code where your business is based. In some instance where that is not available, an area code for your geographic area will be displayed.