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13 Reasons To Why Your Company Must Have A Blog

Posted on: February 13th, 2013 by Cyber Flavors No Comments

Blogs are not new to online marketing and they certainly are a great tool for your website. Given below are some reasons on why you should go for a blog for your website.

1. Blog Shows That You Mean Business

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, your target audience and customers definitely want to get a hang that you know what you are doing. They believe in you easily and confidently if they see that your staff or you maintain a blog and write informative articles on your niche which clarify your hold on a subject. This way it becomes easy for you to rake customers.

2. A Blog Attracts Online Traffic To Your Site

Most of us think that how can a blog bring traffic to a site. Well, you should ask those who have made billions only by blogging regularly and blogging good. Once you start being regular and you write interesting enough for your audience to read and share it, you get the social media hype and with it come the links, visitors and ultimately a lot of website traffic.

3. Blog Gets Your Site Optimized

This goes by the thumb rule that the more relevant content you have on your site, the better are the chances that you would rank high on search engine results.

Each page of your website is crawled by the search engines to check what it is about. This means that if you want to rank high for ten keywords/phrases then you would have to write at least ten blog pages with content dedicated to each of the word/phrase.

If you think that you would rank high with a plain website with some tabs about your company, products and staff then it is time that you reconsider your online market strategy.

4. Catch Links Through Your Blog Posts

If you regularly put out interesting or helpful content on your blog, you will have a much easier time getting backlinks. Be a good example: When you see interesting or helpful content on someone else’s blog that’s relevant to one of your posts, do include a link to that blog. (They may return the favor!)

Links from other sites and blogs which are known as backlinks or inbound links are a great way to rank better on search engines. But you just cannot get them with a snap of the fingers, you sure can pay for that but would you like such an investment for your budding business!

Probably no one would like to link to your home page or the page where you discuss your products and services. But a blog can turn the magic key as you would be able to put out content which is insightful, innovative and helpful. And once you have a cutting edge blog on your industry you can visit likeminded blogs and share your link which would bait more genuine links towards your business.

5. A Blog Is Food For Thought And Social Media

As it is difficult to get good search engine ranks without a blog, the same is the case with getting people share the links of your website. Nobody would really want to share your website and the things that you deal on platforms like Google+ and FaceBook if you do not have a blog.

People like to share good ideas and information that they come across on the internet and if you can write well then this would help you sharing the word regarding your website. You get popular in the social media circles and that is how you get to optimize your site on the search engines. You also get linked which again helps Google, Bing realize that you are an important site and you should rank ahead. You also get direct visitors from the links.

6. Do Not Ignore The CTR Power Of Google Authorship

There are two ways your link can appear on the search engine results page. First the plain way which only shows the link and the some text related to it. The second and the interesting way is the one which is called a rich snippet which shows the image of the author as well.

You too can get the Google authorship and get your image next to your blog post link. But why bother? Because the CTR or the click through rate is way too high for links with Google+ images on them so you just cannot ignore this minor tweak.

7. Own Your Content Rather Than Handing It Over To Social Media Sites

Many of us do not like the idea of handing over the mast of our business to others. But posting content on social networking sites is doing the same thing.

Any social media site like FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter can go against your content any time they want and make it inaccessible to your target audience. You will then have no place to turn to but your blog which will stay with your forever.

Putting content on social networking sites is great and you get benefitted too; let alone the sites making money out of your content. But your blog cannot be overlooked as it can be the torch bearer for you when things go wrong with sites which you trust.

8. You Can Make People Stick To Your Site Through Your Blog

If your idea is to let your audience buy your products or services, fill out a survey form then chances are great if that audience is reading something great on your blog and starts exploring your website.

9. Your Blog Posts Are Timeless

Mailers, newsletters, posts on sites like FaceBook and Twitter are bound to be lost and forgotten within a couple of days but your blog will always keep those posts and content alive for you for years to come. If you have something important to discuss which you think is irrelevant of time and will always stay insightful then post it on your blog.

Posting tweets and FaceBook posts is good and it certainly is a great way to garner attention. But if something is important then write it on your blog and post a link of the same on social media sites.

10. Reduce Your Customer Support Load With Blog Post

Many of us have to answer the same questions time and again. This issue can easily be solved if you turn your blog in a Q&A forum as well. This will reduce the workload on your staff and they can get innovative with their task rather than doing it the mundane way. And it is another way of showing that you care for your customers.

11. Earn Credibility As An Author

Writing for your blog can make you earn the right kind of credibility as an expert on your subject. You can be known in your social circle as the master and this would again increase your business prospects online. You can get a lot of incoming online traffic if you are the CEO of the company and you have innovative thoughts and an interesting writing manner.

12. Rake The Power Of Blog Comments

Your readers can leave a comment on what you have written. This live feedback is simply awesome for your products and services which you can improve thereof. It can be customer services as well which you can progress at with the help of your reader comments.

And those who comment have taken the time for writing a few words which means that they care. If you get better at what you do then you can easily convert such commenter to your potential clients. Readership also increases if your blog posts have reader comments so do not look the other way.

13. Blogging Shows That You Are Alive And Kicking

Many of the site owners post blogs in months, sometimes as long as six months. This clearly shows how careful or careless you are regarding your business as it directly impacts your search engine ranks. If you write regularly then you certainly have something to show Google and Bing that you are still in business and they would treat your website the just way.

If you do not plan to write regularly then it is wise that you do not add a blog because apart from the search engine behavior your readers and audience will also get to know how regular you are with your posts. So if you want to keep your website fresh and want it to climb the search engine page results ladder steadily then you should write at least thrice a week.

So How Should I Add A Blog To My Site?

It can be easy or difficult to add a blog to your site and it all depends on the way you had designed and set it up. Your technical guy is the right person to contact and there are several sites which offer free blog services which you can connect to.

For those adding a blog is not a piece of cake they can go for registering to a blog service as mentioned above. WordPress and Joomla are some of the content management sites which you can visit and get your blog up and running within no time. You blog can be the easiest one to edit and you sure want it that way so look for an CMS which you can work on easily without any technical hullaballoo.

Try blogging and you would certainly benefit a lot from its numerous advantages most of which are long term.