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Google Penguin Update- An Answer to Unethical Tactics

Posted on: September 30th, 2012 by Cyber Flavors No Comments

In this article, I would like to explain the strategy to be employed if your website has been hit hard by Google’s recent update called Penguin. We all have seen several content pieces written on the same topic all over the web. Some have shown the way to success and have beaten the Penguin attack while others have just gone onto the losing side.

It’s not the first time that webmasters have started to witness negative effect in their websites’ rankings after a Google update as this is continuing since 10 years when Google was evolved. The staircase will show the advancements sequentially.

Firstly it is vital to know what is penguin update introduced by Google. Penguin Update is nothing but over-optimization. Yes Google was forced to introduce this update because the number of Blackhat webmasters trying to hack the link building strategy was increasing and such people were making use of anchor texts to an abnormal extent for the benefit of their websites. So, sweet yet powerful Penguin acts on such aggressive anchor text usage and the links coming from low-quality sources so that people cannot get escape by following the keyword stuffing strategy.

enguin had been introduced by google by making the changes in the algorithm so people who think that Google has penalized their website in the form of Penguin update, then they are wrong as they have just been fallen prey to Google’s new algorithm change update.

I wonder why people go out of the box and try those things which are strictly mentioned as “Not-to-do” in the Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google’s penguin update is the answer to all such illegal activities adopted by people. In order to stay away from the affect of penguin update or any update rolled out by Google, it is important for all of us to avoid purchasing links, creating hidden doorway pages, having hidden text or links or involving in redirects and cloaking.

If you are doing any of the above activities, then you are bound to fall prey to Google’s update some time or the other. Actually the problem with some of the webmasters is that their focus remains on increasing links in stead of thinking of increasing visitor experience. They should understand that in order to have targeted visitors to their websites, it is important to add value for the customers and that can only happen by employing White hat techniques.

Ok so suppose you are hit by Penguin update and promise me that you will not get indulged in any unethical practice, then you can see some of the vital points which need to be taken to come out of this Penguin cave.

1. In order to examine the damage extent of penguin update, you should take out a 30-day analytics report tracking the traffic decrease you witnessed.

2. The next step should be to check for the keywords on which you lost the traffic. This will help you to know the keywords which are responsible for slowdown.

3. You should identify the keywords on which you lost rankings and then check whether over-optimization was done for those keywords through low quality links.

4. If you think that you have been targeted wrongly, then you can send an email to Google Webmaster Central and notify them about your case.

5. Check whether your links are indexed. I want to tell you that Google these days is deindexing directory links coming from low PR. So such deindexed links can harm you to a great extent.

If you have not been hit by Penguin yet then it’s high time you should avoid doing any illegal practice that may put you under Penguin scanner. If you are already running on a smooth track then just enjoy the ride as no update will ever harm you.